Top 10 wildlife holidays in Scotland

Forget Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park – the best wildlife tours in Scotland take you out to view animals roaming free in their native habitat. The wildlife won’t be as hard to track as the Scotland’s national animal, the elusive unicorn, either. You can hop on a whale watching cruise to the Outer Hebrides or Small Isles, delve deep into the deer forests and eagle mountains of the Cairngorms, or take your camera on a wildlife photography tour in the long, clear hours of midsummer.

Keep reading to discover our best wildlife experiences in Scotland.

1. Giant seabird colonies in the Shetland Islands

Hop aboard a boat to Noss Nature Reserve – home to the biggest (and noisiest) seabird spectacle in Scotland. The 180m-high cliffs and moorland of this Shetland Island host nearly 60,000 nesting birds in spring and summer. Watch out for puffins, kittiwakes, great skua and guillemots, as well as sunbathing seals. Expert guides will translate the commotion, sail you to the base of the towering cliffs, and walk you around the island-top footpaths.
When to go: April to August for seabirds; May to August for the chance to see orca
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2. Birds of prey & whales in the Sound of Mull

Small ship cruises orbit the Isle of Mull, where the waters are filled with wildlife. On-board conservationists are your best chance at spotting minke whales, basking sharks and dolphins. They’ll also take you onto land, guiding you through marshlands hunted by hen harriers, country lanes trilling with skylark song, otter-friendly lochs, and sandy coves frequented by white-tailed eagles. Your trip will directly support conservation projects monitoring and protecting these hardy creatures that are also some of the most vulnerable animals in the UK.

When to go: end of May to September for whales; year-round for eagles
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3. Pair Scottish wildlife with whisky

… and we don’t mean as a tasty starter. Small ship cruises sail between distilleries on the Scottish “malt whisky islands” of Islay, Jura and Mull. Your best wildlife sightings are often from the deck – perhaps the huff of a minke whale breaching or the call of a sea eagle. Choose between cruising aboard a wooden tall ship, an ex-Norwegian ferry or a retired lifeboat sleeping up to 11 passengers.

When to go: end of May to September for whales
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4. Endemic oddities in the Outer Hebrides

St. Kilda marks the far reaches of the Outer Hebrides. Small ships quietly cruise this archipelago, as well as the Monach Isles (via the enormous grey seal colony) and Small Isles (watch out for otters and eagles). Some curious critters have evolved on these remote islands, including the St Kilda wren and an ancient species of feral sheep. The dramatic sea cliffs of Hirta are a highlight. They’re the highest in the UK and the breeding grounds of flurries of fulmars and puffins.
When to go: May to August for calmer seas
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5. Red deer & capercaillie in the Cairngorms

The Cairngorms is the biggest national park in the UK. You can see red deer and (if you’re lucky) pine martens in the forests, otters in the lochs, grouse on the moorlands, and capercaillie and golden eagles on the bleak mountain plateaus. Bellowing rutting deer aside, the wildlife in the Scottish Highlands can be shy, so it’s best to follow in the footsteps of an expert tracker who’ll take you to the right haunts and hides.

When to go: March to September for camping; end of September to November for the deer rut
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6. Take the family to sea

Explore the wildlife-rich seas along the west coast of Scotland on a family small ship cruise. Activities are tweaked for kids, so you’ll get the chance to speed off on sea eagle watching tours, swim in lochs where otters play along the shore, and wait with bated breath for minke whales and basking sharks while picnicking on-deck. Your family will be in the safe hands of a friendly, knowledgeable skipper and guides who know these seas (and how to cater to short attention spans) well.

When to go: April to October
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7. Photograph wildlife in the Inner Hebrides

Summer means long days, calmer seas and abundant birdlife in the Inner Hebrides, which is great for keen or budding photographers. Your trusty steed will be a boat designed for rougher seas than you’re sailing – a stable platform for getting a shot of puffins bumbling along cliff faces or whales peeking up from the deep. There’s a real sense of community, too; you’re encouraged to kick back in the lounge, where you can share pictures and tips – and crack open a bottle of whisky.

When to go: June
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8. Puffins & otters in South Argyll

The wriggling coastline of South Argyll carves out lochs and islands that shelter a variety of wildlife. Sliding peacefully through the waters on a small ship, and the expertise of your skipper, give you the ideal chances of sighting seals and otters. Highlights include a raucous colony of puffins and gannets on Ailsa Craig and the beautiful Isle of Arran, with its roaming deer herds.
When to go: May to October
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9. Amazing cetaceans in the Moray Firth

Passionate naturalists are your guides around the Moray Firth near Inverness. With their expertise in zoology and conservation, they’ll reveal why the North Sea is the realm of hardy animals like Risso’s dolphins, basking sharks and rarer species such as orca, Atlantic white-sided dolphins and white-tailed eagles. You’ll also explore on land – the pine martens, red squirrels and deer of Cairngorms National Park are just a 40-minute train ride south.

When to go: May to mid-August
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10. Track wildlife in the Scottish Highlands

Led by expert guides that always have their eyes and ears alert to the movement of animals in the undergrowth, you'll traverse Scotland’s magnificent Highlands hiking, on boat trips, and even in sea kayaks, at an easygoing pace. Expect to see everything from dolphins and porpoises to sea eagles, pine martens capercaillies and red squirrel as Scotland's abundant wildlife scurries, swims and soars all around you.

When to go: May
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