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Mongolia cultural holiday & Naadam Festival

This Mongolia cultural holiday transports you in to this fascinating country during summertime, to experience the rural way of life here. We work with various different families, some in the Gobi, others living in the central grasslands. Some of the families are retired herders, while others still herd and migrate twice a year and others are small town residents. All will help you understand the traditional, rural way of life in Mongolia, as it is adapts and progresses through the 21st century. For the longer 17 day option, you will also have the chance to join a rural Naadam celebration, which is a wonderful insight into local life. This community event forms a major part of the calendar ... Read more >
From US $2,375 excluding flights

Winter dog sledding tour in Mongolia

Explore the hidden and remote winter landscapes of Gorkhi Terelj and Khan Khentii National Parks in Mongolia - by dog sled. This is a trip where nature dominates - from the wolf tracks we’ll come across in the snow to the sound of the ice moving on the frozen Tuul and Terelj Rivers. Yes, the word adventure is fashionable and overused in the tourism industry but this really is a true adventure - living together with your team of dogs, meeting families that make their home in the area, the feeling of freedom. And you will be deeply affected by the solitude and space. Of that there is no doubt.  So pack your thermals and come to Mongolia this winter and do something a little out of the ... Read more >
From US $1,901 excluding flights

Mongolia wilderness trekking holiday, Khangai Mountains

Trekking holidays in Mongolia tend to head west, to Altai Tavan Bogd or the Kharkhiraa circuit. Both areas are really beautiful, and we like to go here, too, but because everyone else is selling the Altai as being really remote and off the beaten track, it’s actually becoming a little bit busy. So we like to introduce visitors to the wild landscapes of the Khangai Mountains. This is our favourite trekking region. It’s one of the three main mountainous areas of Mongolia, along with the Altai and the Khentii, but as everyone else seems to pass it by it’s beautifully quiet. We have been running trekking holidays here for seven years and are yet so meet another person, apart from the odd ... Read more >
From US $2,450 excluding flights

Western Mongolia tour, the Altai mountains & eagles

The wild landscapes of western Mongolia form the stunning backdrop to this adventure. The Kazakhs are Mongolia's largest ethnic group with over 100,000 residing in western Mongolia. A percentage of Kazakhs are eagle hunters - typically hunting with female golden eagles (known as berkuts) as they are stronger and more aggressive. This adventure provides a great opportunity to experience first hand the life of a Kazakh eagle hunter as you spend time living alongside a hunter and his family witnessing their daily lives and the preparations for the Eagle Festival which you will attend. On this itinerary you will be hosted by some of the region's most experienced and respected hunters and you ... Read more >
From US $2,345 excluding flights

Mongolia adventure holiday

Vast landscapes and seemingly endless space are the unforgettable hallmarks of this Mongolia adventure holiday, exploring this largely untamed and unchanged country. Spend a fascinating 23 days here, discovering the dramatic Gobi Desert, the central grasslands, and the lakeland regions of northern Mongolia, Lake Khovsgol. Many holidays to Mongolia include domestic flights, but these inevitably involve time spent queuing and boarding, and the risk of delayed flights. So instead, this holiday travels overland as the ultimate road trip. Exploring Mongolia in this unrushed way gives you the chance to see real life, without ever feeling as though you’re intruding. It’s a relaxed, unhurried way ... Read more >
From US $3,070 excluding flights
A 10% discount on a range of our Mongolia small group trips.

Wilderness biking holiday in Mongolia

The wild landscapes of Khovsgol Province form a dramatic background to this trip where we’ve chosen the bike routes to give you a real experience of the mountain forest steppe regions of northern Mongolia. Not just the landscapes but the way of life of the people you’ll meet en-route as well. The main bike route we’ve chosen is in an area little visited by western groups so each encounter with local people is potentially an authentic cultural exchange. Yes, we’ve included Khovsgol Nuur - considered a highlight in any guidebook. See it as your reward. But, this itinerary is not about ‘must see sights’. This is about real everyday Mongolia and its wild and beautiful landscapes including ... Read more >
From US $2,180 excluding flights

Eastern Mongolia small group holiday

Roughly 17% of Mongolia's landmass has some form of national environmental protection. A further 10% has local protected area status. This trip brings you into contact with some of the less visited national parks and nature reserves in the country. The vast landscapes of Mongolia’s middle Gobi and the mountain forest steppe of Khentii provide the backdrop on this active adventure where you will experience the striking raw natural beauty and traditional and 21st century ways of Mongolia. You’ll camp in tents - allowing you to reach beyond the most visited places and also use family provided ger accommodation so you’ll gain a more local insight into rural life. By visiting two contrasting ... Read more >
From US $2,700 excluding flights

Mountain biking holiday in Mongolia

We have developed great cycling routes in collaboration with the local communities that we work with. Short on time but liking the idea of exploring by bike? If you’re happy to do things a little differently then consider our Gobi Steppe Trails. From granite rock formations to vast open steppe, there’s a variety of backdrops to the Gobi Desert’s and its inspiring immensity is felt even more vividly when you are on a bike cycling through it. Yet, this itinerary is not about ‘must see sights’ or the highlights of Mongolia. This is about you biking through rural communities and discovering and exploring the different regions of the middle Gobi. It means you’ll experience the diversity of ... Read more >
From US $1,140 excluding flights

Exploratory horse trekking holiday in Mongolia

The horse symbolises strength, spirit and independence in Mongolia, and horses are integral to Mongolian life, which is why a horse trekking holiday is such a perfect way to explore this wild, beautiful country. Follow the migration grazing routes with a modern day herder, take part in traditional herding life and embark on a horse trek alongside members of the small ethnic group, the Darkhad. This 13-day horse trekking holiday takes place in the remote north, and takes in Khovsgol Nuur National Park. The lake here is a deeply spiritual place to Mongolians, known as the Mother Sea, and while it’s a popular attraction, we can guide you to see its more local and human side. In Khovsgol a ... Read more >
From US $2,225 excluding flights

Mongolia tour, hunting with Eagles

Join the Kazakh eagle hunters of Western Mongolia to experience their traditional way of life and understand why and how they hunt with eagles. The imposing Altai Mountains dominate the west of the country and form the spectacular physical and cultural backdrop to this 8-day tailor made tour. The Altai have been a homeland for the nomadic cultures of Eurasia for thousands of years, including the Kazakhs, Mongolia’s largest ethnic minority group with approximately 150,000 living in the provinces of western Mongolia. Hunting with eagles (‘berkutchi’) is a form of falconry traditionally found throughout the Eurasian Steppe, and it is still practiced here. All three families you will stay ... Read more >
From US $1,560 excluding flights

Women only tour in Mongolia

Bring your sisters, your daughters, your mums, your grandmothers and your close female friends. Join this female only female led experience through Mongolia. Unlike most female only experiences, we haven’t just replicated standard tour itineraries and just made them female only. Instead, we have designed this experience to allow you as a female traveller a unique opportunity to discover the challenges and lives of local women in Mongolia through a range of experiences - whether those local women are young, old, rural, urban modern or traditional. Women in Mongolia typically enjoy equality with men and traditionally have had higher social status and greater autonomy than women in some ... Read more >
From US $2,215 excluding flights

Mongolia adventure holiday, off the beaten track

On this Mongolia adventure holiday, off the beaten track, enjoy the chance to live with local Mongolian people and learn about rural life, far from any tourist trail. Forget traditional sightseeing or ticking off highlights and instead enjoy staying in Mongolia’s rural herding communities, observing daily life, living with local people and spending each night in homestays and family owned ger camps. During the spring, as the snows thaw and the landscape comes back to life, livestock is born and herding communities have lots to do. This 14-day trip, which runs in May, explores rural life at this productive time of year from the perspective of local people, from nomadic families that move ... Read more >
From US $2,500 excluding flights
A 10% discount on a range of our Mongolia small group trips.

Mongolia Lunar New Year tour, Tsagaan Sar

Looking for something just that little bit different? Why not consider visiting Mongolia during its Lunar New Year Festival - known as Tsagaan Sar - White Month? It is one of the most important and traditional of celebrations in Mongolia. Join us as we experience Tsagaan Sar with two of the rural families that we work with. We have had a working friendship with both families for over 13 years and this is our own personal insight into local life in Mongolia. You’ll experience ‘Bituun’ the day before New Year where you will help prepare for the occasion such as by making dumplings and helping to clean the home. Having observed sunrise, you will then spend ‘New Year’ (Shiniin Negen) ... Read more >
From US $720 excluding flights

Mongolia cultural tour, Nomads of Khangai Mountains

Mongolian’s divide their country into three distinct eco regions - Gobi, Khangai and Tal Kherem Bus - desert, mountain and steppe. Khangai describes the mountain steppe and mountain forest steppe regions of their country and that’s the region that this trip focuses on. The whole area is dominated by wilderness – rugged mountains, alpine lakes, wildflower meadows, river valleys and the southern-forested fringes of the Siberian Taiga. Landscapes play an important part in the way of life of rural Mongolians and as you discover and explore the different regions of the Khangai, so you’ll experience the diversity of the way of life of the people that make their home in these landscapes. You’ll ... Read more >
From US $2,185 excluding flights

Mongolia tour, mountains & nomads

The wild landscapes of northern Mongolia and the central Khangai Mountains provide a dramatic backdrop on this adventure where the focus is how rural Mongolians are embracing the 21st Century whilst maintaining the traditions. Retired herders, small scale vegetable nurseries, cooperative members, small business owners and nomadic families. They’ll all be your hosts on this trip. Landscapes play an important part in the way of life of rural Mongolians and as you discover and explore the different regions of central and northern Mongolia, you’ll experience the diversity of the way of life of the people that make their home in these landscapes and the way of life in 21st Century Mongolia - ... Read more >
From US $2,165 excluding flights
A 10% discount on a range of our Mongolia small group trips.

Mongolia winter holiday

Winter is a quintessential Mongolian season. It is cold, very cold, but the cold is an important part of what makes Mongolia and its landscapes extraordinary at this time of year.  For all of our winter trips, we provide traditional felt boots, hand-made goat skin blankets and can provide winter deels as well. You’ll spend most nights in a ger - warming yourself by the stove. The night skies more than make up for the challenge of the temperatures. Winter in Mongolia is a remarkable experience - especially as the Mongolians you meet will be very proud to welcome foreign visitors in wintertime. This Mongolian experience focuses on the rural way of life in winter for different families that ... Read more >
From US $1,810 excluding flights

Mongolia tour, food of the Nomads

The guests who enjoy our trips to Mongolia and the rural families we work with suggested a holiday to explore the food of the nomads, so we put together this 14-day tour. It's the chance to experience life on the high steppe of Mongolia’s beautiful middle Gobi, the central heartland and Khangai Mountains, learning alongside locals about their life and the traditional, delicious cuisine the cook and enjoy. Mongolia food gets a bad press, but it’s not all boiled mutton! Simple ingredients are processed using a surprising variety of methods, and combined with vegetables, handmade noodles and other flour-based foods, to create fresh homemade meals. You’ll learn about tsagaan idee or white ... Read more >
From US $1,800 excluding flights

Mongolia Gobi Desert insight tour

Our tailor made trips are designed to provide you with the ‘essence of Mongolia.’ To give you an insight into the country and the variety of people and the diversity of the way of life in 21st Century Mongolia. They are customisable - giving you the freedom to build a unique and personal trip for your chosen date. Upgrade your accommodation for all - or just part - of your trip, slow down the pace with few extra nights here and there or add a few more active adventures along the way. This particular example itinerary focuses on the people, communities and landscapes of Mongolia's Gobi Desert - providing variety as well as an overview. The Gobi principally spans six of Mongolia’s aimags ... Read more >
From US $2,215 excluding flights

Mongolia wilderness trek in the Altai Mountains

The wild landscapes of western Mongolia and the Altai - Mongolia’s highest mountains - form the stunning backdrop to this active adventure. Where you explore and discover a different more hidden side of the Altai - although this brief description does not do this remarkable region justice . You’ll be hosted by three Kazakh eagle hunters and it is through their eyes that you experience the Altai. It is unexpectedly beautiful. And off the beaten track. This is the Altai that few others get to see. An alternative to the popular and now busy Altai Tavan Bogd. For me, within this incredible region of cold permanently glaciated peaks, alpine lakes and hidden valleys you feel as if time is ... Read more >
From US $2,415 excluding flights

Wildlife research expedition in the Gobi Desert, Mongolia

The fragility of Mongolia's natural environment has long been preserved through traditional practices and beliefs with contemporary challenges often causing these sorts of customs to be reawakened in the face of adversity. 21st century challenges have often been tackled at grass roots level which is why our 10 day Mongolia expedition focuses on conserving the environment and researching protection measures in order to make a difference on the ground, especially safeguarding the future of the indigenous khulan, also known as the Mongolian Wild Ass. This experience is in alliance with the Association Goviin Khulan NGO (see below). You will gain an understanding and invaluable insight into ... Read more >
From US $1,385 excluding flights
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