Our Brazil holidays

Our Brazil holidays are all about the ‘awe factor’ – visiting the torrential Iguazu Falls, discovering the irresistible rhythms of Rio de Janeiro, and spotting jaguars as they prowl the riverbanks of the Pantanal. Expert cowboy guides help you track down the shy big cats and explain their behaviours, as well as how your stay in locally owned lodges helps encourage ranchers to coexist with them. Whether you’re touring the Pantanal by boat or on horseback or cruising the mighty Amazon in search of dolphins and monkeys, our holidays in Brazil boost vital animal conservation and reforestation efforts.

Our top Brazil holidays

Brazil wildlife tour, jaguars and waterfalls

From £5895
16 days inc UK flights
Jaguar spotting 100% success rate, Iguacu waterfalls & Rio.

Pantanal wildlife holiday in Brazil

From £3995
9 days ex flights
Wildlife safari in Brazil's stunning Northern Pantanal
Small group2023: 20 Jun

Small group tour in Brazil

From £4790 to £5049
14 days ex flights
An in depth discovery tour of Brazil including the Amazon
Small group2023: 8 Jul, 16 Sep, 7 Oct, 2024: 27 Apr, 15 Jun, 7 Sep, 5 Oct

Brazil holiday, tailor made

From €4795
23 days ex flights
Wildlife & culture roundtrip through Brazil, all tailormade

Rio to Iguazu Falls tour in Brazil

From £3602
12 days ex flights
Fully escorted group journey of natural southern Brazil
Small group2023: 6 May, 23 Sep, 18 Nov, 2024: 4 May, 21 Sep, 16 Nov

Highlights of Brazil and Peru holiday

From £2695
14 days ex flights
14 Days: Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Iguazu, Rio

Southern Brazil holidays

From £1725
13 days ex flights
Soak up the sights and spot wildlife in Southern Brazil
Tailor made

Brazil holiday, Jaguar spotting & Amazon

From US $6250
25 days ex flights
Brazil holiday with Jaguar spotting, hiking and snorkeling

Tailor made holiday in Brazil

From £7500
15 days inc UK flights
Green Coast, the Pantanal, and Iguaçu Falls

About our Brazil holidays

Wildlife holidays in Brazil

The wildlife in Brazil is carnivalesque. Pale pink dolphins and anacondas smooth through the rivers, macaws flash their red and blue plumage, capybaras and giant otters bring spades of character, monkeys dance across the rainforest canopy, and jaguars wear speckled camo jackets. Grab your pipoca; it’s quite a show. Brazil is a giant, and so are wildlife haunts like the Pantanal and Amazon, so you’ll need to travel with a holiday company that’ll match you up with expert guides to get the best out of a wildlife holiday in Brazil.

Pantanal, Brazil

The Pantanal is almost 17 million hectares of wild wetlands, rivers, lakes and forest that sink under floods every wet season. You’ll follow in the footsteps of the wildlife and rise above the waters on canoe and boat trips skippered by a local guide. You’ll need their expertise to seek out the crocs, tapirs, anacondas, capybaras and giant anteaters that hide away – and you’ve got a better chance of seeing wildlife here compared to the tangled Amazon Rainforest. It’s not all sunken waterways, either. The dusty Transpantaneira Highway bumps through the northern Pantanal, where you’re most likely to see jaguars.

Amazon Rainforest in Brazil

The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most precious ecosystems on the planet. Its biodiversity is astounding, and includes over 16,000 tree species and two million insect species. However, seeing wildlife can be a challenge; the Amazon River is too wide and the rainforests too tangled for instant gratification. Instead, sail with a local skipper to explore skinnier tributaries and hike on the heels of a guide who can take you for dinner with indigenous communities, and count any wildlife sightings as a bonus. Read our Amazon guide to find out how your holiday can help the region’s communities and wildlife.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is hard to pin down: it’s a city where favelas wobble down hillsides overlooking million-dollar yachts and beaches. Even outside Carnival, a medley of samba, hip-hop, bossa nova and Carioca funk drifts out of houses and cafés. Gawp at the spectacular views from Christ the Redeemer, play volleyball and eat barbecue on the beach, explore Rio Botanical Garden, but also join a city tour by a resident who can reveal some of the truths of living in a city with such an astonishing gulf between the rich and poor.

Iguazu Falls in Brazil

As if the Amazon and Rio weren’t dramatic enough, most holidays to Brazil also include a detour to Iguazu Falls. Don’t listen to those who say it’s South America’s Niagara Falls – it’s far bigger than that. Over 250 cascades tip over the Brazil-Argentina border in a rush of white noise and mushrooming water vapour. Some tours take you to the Argentinian side so you can hop on a boat and crane your neck at the 25 storey-high falls. Back in Brazil, you can hike into Devil’s Throat, the most deafening part of Iguazu Falls. You’ll be so close that you can taste the perpetual rainbow.

Family holidays in Brazil

Travelling in Brazil with kids is easy when you go with a holiday company that knows how to source just the right accommodation and activities, and tweak journey times to your brood’s ability to sit still. Brazil doesn’t have a boring bone in its body, so you might zipline through rainforests, track jaguars, monkeys and toucans by boat, stare wide-eyed at waterfalls, and join Brazilian families as they pile onto beaches made for barbecuing and snorkelling. Even cities are an adventure playground, with a cable car hoisting you up Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro and interactive science museums like the Museu Catavento in Sao Paulo.
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