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family sports holidays

Our winter sports holidays focus on traditional and authentic experiences that we feel are far more satisfying and culturally aware than your typical ski trip. They hold appeal for several generations of the same family, and for younger children especially some of these activities can be particularly entrancing when set against a wintery canvas.

Family winter sports holidays that are small group trips will often follow set itineraries, with a different activity to try each day. They tend to be created with children aged between four and 16 in mind. You can also opt for a tailor made holiday that allows you to shape the itinerary as you want it, perhaps also choosing to intersperse more strenuous activities such as cross country skiing with more relaxing days to prevent the kids from getting too worn out.

As all of these activities take place outdoors, usually in sub-zero temperatures, dressing for the weather is essential. If you have a big family the thought of equipping them all with suitable winter clothing for these conditions would be daunting, which is why many of our holiday companies actually have all the clothing you値l need waiting for you on arrival, included in the price. Not only does that save you a lot of hassle and space in your luggage, it also means you can be sure of having good quality clothing that痴 right for the temperatures.

Cross country skiing

All is calm, all is bright, all is perfect for some cross country skiing. In many cases the accommodation used will have trails nearby where you can ski to your heart痴 content. Some will have equipment you can borrow, so if you already know what you池e doing then you can head out on your own whenever the mood takes you. In other cases, there may be a session of ski instruction in the itinerary, where an instructor will be available to show you the basics.

Downhill skiing

Some family winter sports holidays feature downhill skiing which is a traditional activity in many countries. While no-one’s denying the fun involved, it’s not something we often promote. Where we do, per our policy on downhill skiing, we recommend you try to avoid big resorts with their environmentally destructive infrastructure and snow cannons that use enormous quantities of water and energy. The best way to do this is to ski only at times of year when there is likely to be plenty of natural snow – and to head to higher latitudes or altitudes.

Husky sledding

Otherwise known as mushing, husky sledding is always a big family favourite especially with children. The excitable huskies are very friendly, and once they properly get going they can reach some very exciting speeds. Children from 15 and up can take charge of their own sled, while younger kids will usually have a fun ride on the guide痴 sled in the lead.


Snowmobiling may not be the most eco friendly way to get around, but in remote areas such as Finnish Lapland they’re a necessity. Reindeer farmers need to keep track of their herds, for instance, and a well maintained snowmobile is not as polluting as a 4x4 vehicle. Some snowmobile safaris require drivers to be aged over 18, and some height limits will also apply. Those under 18 can ride on a sled pulled by the guide’s snowmobile.


This classic Nordic winter sport is a wonderful way to explore pristine snowy landscapes. You might strap on a pair to wander around near your accommodation, or join a guided tour during which you may learn how to identify animal tracks in the snow, or to cut a hole in an icy lake and drop a line in hope of a catch. Snowshoeing can also be done at night, in search of the stunning Northern Lights.

Reindeer safaris

A reindeer safari usually involves a short sleigh ride through the snow in a Sami community. Kids will love getting to meet Rudolph and co. beforehand and learning the fine art of lassoing reindeer. You値l wrap up under blankets and travel through tranquil forests where the boughs bend under the weight of the white stuff, around frozen lakes or along rivers absolutely magical.

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Northern Lights family holiday, tailor made

Northern Lights family holiday, tailor made

A mix of Lapland family activities and a relaxing spa hotel

From 」1225 to 」2250 4 days inc UK flights
Tailor made:
This trip can be tailor made to suit your requirements
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Evening activities

After a day spent plodding around on snowshoes, or cross country skiing, you want your evenings to be nice and calm. These trips are aimed squarely at families with kids of all ages, so you can be sure the accommodations will be very suitable in this respect. Expect cosy rooms and communal areas, where you can enjoy hot chocolate, board games or on-site wellness centres with thermal baths and traditional saunas.

You might journey out to a village to meet Father Christmas and his elves, sample some home cooked local delicacies such as reindeer sausage or pancakes in the restaurant, or bundle up in an Aurora cabin to look for the Northern Lights. However you spend your evenings they池e sure to be just as memorable as your action packed days.

Responsible Travel recommends

Petr Ivanek from our supplier Slovakia Explorer on why the High Tatras is becoming such a popular family destination: 典he High Tatras region is a simply stunning place for family winter sports holidays. These are the highest mountains in Central-Eastern Europe, and holidays here offer a wide selection of activities for the whole family, not just skiing. In the mornings you play in the snow, in the afternoons you relax in outdoor thermal pools. It痴 only a two-hour flight from London and very affordable too you can find pretty much everything here that you壇 get in the Alps, but for less.
Written by Rob Perkins
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