Travelling in Kenya with kids

What does Responsible Travel recommend?

Travelling in Kenya with kids is not as daunting as it may seem. More affordable than Tanzania, and on a par with South Africa for ease of travel, Kenya’s decades-old tourism industry has produced an excellent network of well-equipped accommodation, with on-site staff who know to educate and entertain. The Masai Mara and Amboseli are compact, reducing driving times; and the Great Migration happily plays out during school holidays – forget squinting into empty landscapes, there won’t be chance for children to get bored. The Maasai must be some of the world’s most charismatic teachers – children can learn to track animals and read the glorious landscapes around them. And the white sand beaches provide a place to kick back at the end of all the excitement.
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Activities for families in Kenya

What to do with little ones

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, near Nairobi, rescues orphaned elephants and rhinos and carries out excellent conservation and anti-poaching work. Nursery visiting hours are short – to disturb the animals as little as possible – but fascinating and educational. Kids will learn about the animals as well as the threats they are facing.
Learn some warrior skills! Big kids as well as little ones will be enthralled by a visit to a Maasai village. Learn to throw spears and make fire, try your hand at milking cows, and see if you can jump higher than the Maasai! Above all, children will discover a way of life entirely different from their own – an enlightening experience at any age.
Book a family-friendly lodge. Kenya’s can be equipped with pools, games rooms, mini forests, wildlife activities… Amanda Marks, from our supplier Tribes Travel, explains: “In Kenya there are lodges that do specific child-friendly activities. They make things like elephant poo paper, bows and arrows and moulds of footprints. Tanzania doesn’t tend to do that as much.”
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Travelling in Kenya with kids asks the experts

Roman Biondic, from our supplier Eyes on Africa Safaris is based in East Africa. Here's why he recommends a few days at a Maasai-run camp in a conservancy:
“You’ve been driving from park to park, spending long periods in the car – but here, everything is on foot. The guides can explain all about the medicinal use of the trees – the bush medicine. It’s very good for the kids, they just love it! The people there know how to handle kids. They love their own kids, and the love any other kids that come to visit. The Maasai are pretty much grown ups – but they behave like kids!”
Chris Morris, director of our supplier IntoAfrica, shares his advice for those travelling in Kenya with kids: “Get out of the vehicles and take a village, school or home visit. It really can bring home the message about how lucky they are. It has to be carefully managed (so that the Kenyan kids get something out of it as well and you’re not part of a circus) but coming face to face with kids of similar age in vastly different surroundings and circumstances is a real eye-opener and can be a life-changing experience for an older child or teenager.”
Photo credits: [The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: Richard Probst] [Learn some warrior skills: Abir Anwar] [Lodge: Gabby Canonizado] [Local children: alaina buzas]
Written by Vicki Brown
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