Family holidays in Tasmania

What does responsible travel recommend?

If you want to show your kids an eclectic collection of ecosystems, wildlife, terrain and climates all tucked into one stunning island, so different from the rest of Australia, so easy to get around, and bursting at the seams with family friendly, locally sourced food, then Tasmania is a family holiday like nowhere else.

Activities for families in Tasmania

What to do with little ones

Twilight sagas. This is when Tasmania comes to life for kids. Pack a torch for everyone and instead of driving to your local restaurant, take a walk and see all the wildlife come out to play. It’s everywhere – the ultimate find being the nocturnal Tasmanian Devil. You don’t have to climb a mountain to find wildlife wonders here.
Fly by night. Tasmania is home to Australia’s longest, continuous cable ride, taking you up high in the forest canopy near Launceston in the North. Hollybank Treetop Adventure is one of the island’s best family days out, soaring over the Cataract Gorge. Other
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the Tarkine
From cradle to canyon. Between the months of Nov-April, children over the age of eight can climb, swim, abseil and jump their way down through a variety of canyons, creeks and waterfalls along the Dove River, and the in the Cradle Mountain UNESCO World Heritage Area. Surrounded by ancient pines, wombats and other creatures looking on curiously. Who said conservation wasn’t fun?

Tips for families

responsible travel asks the experts

Susie de Carteret from our leading Tasmania holiday supplier, Tasmanian Odyssey, has enjoyed many family times in Tasmania:

Wildlife tips

“What children love more than anything else is the wildlife interaction and as well as getting really up close to kangaroos and wallabies, baby wombats and so on, they get a really good education about the importance of conservation. Bonorong is perfect for this and definitely worth booking. So always get off the beaten track so that you can really immerse yourself in wildlife. The places to stay may be rustic or simple, but that is fine because children don’t really worry about being posh. And a lot of these places have been nurturing the land for wildlife for decades.”

Accommodation tips

“The self-catering accommodation is superb, so I would definitely book somewhere with an element of self catering. A lot of it has two bedrooms, and is aimed to cater for families."

Itinerary tips

“The Arthur River cruise up in the NW is much more child friendly than the Gordon River cruise just because the children get to be so much more active. One of my children got to drive the boat and the other one was having her face painted in the old Aboriginal paints by the guide. It’s not particularly promoted as a child friendly tour; they don’t do that in Tassie, because everything is.”

Food tips

“The food is fantastic. My kids probably ate fish and chips once a day! Fish and chips and pies – every day we had to stop for a Tasmanian pie, because they are just so delicious.”
If you'd like to chat about Tasmania or need help finding a holiday to suit you we're very happy to help.
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Written by Catherine Mack
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