Vegan holidays map & highlights

Travelling the world while staying true to your diet and lifestyle has never been easier, or more appetising, as our vegan holidays reveal.
Our vegan holidays run the gamut from cookery lessons using either traditional stove cookers or innovative solar cookers in Fuerteventura, to colourful trips around Indiaís Golden Triangle, Greece and Thailand, where you move from place to place for a much broader cultural immersion, and will enjoy market tours, restaurant visits and even hands-on cookery classes alongside sightseeing. You might also opt for an adventurous getaway to destinations such as Guatemala, Belize or Colombia. All these holidays are fantastic for expanding your culinary horizons, and exploring how veganism influences and is influenced by different world cuisines.

1. Belize

Belize is a paradise for adventure seekers, with its barrier reef teeming with sharks and manta rays, ancient Mayan burial sites hidden within a maze of underground tunnels and chambers, and hiking in the mountains. Vegan holidays to Belize include a fun-packed programme of activities with delicious plant-based cuisine served at every meal. It can also be combined with travel in neighbouring Guatemala.

2. Colombia

Colombia is rapidly becoming a top ecotourism destination, and the activities here are complemented by really mouthwatering cuisine. One of the most popular adventures here is a multi-day hike to the mysterious Lost City in the Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta Mountains, where candlelit vegan dinners in the jungle accompany river swims, visits to indigenous villages and lashings of fresh coconut lemonade.

3. Ethiopia

In Ethiopia, veganism is not just about healthy, ethical eating but intrinsically linked with the Ethiopian Orthodox and Catholic Churches. As such, the vegan cuisine youíll try here is firmly embedded in the culture and wonderfully diverse, with exotic herbs and spices that pack every dish with flavour while you tour sites such as Gonder, Lake Tana and the monolithic churches of Lalibela.

4. Greece

Forage for seasonal wild foods around Peloponnese beaches and olive groves, tour local markets and learn the many ways of preparing hummus as you explore the millennia-old traditions of vegan cuisine in Greece. A mix of rustic and innovative modern dishes is prepared by expert chefs, while in the background you learn how to maximise the health giving properties of a vegan diet .

5. Guatemala

Travel Guatemala as part of a small group or tailormade tour and discover the variety of its locally sourced plant based cuisine while hiking volcanoes, boat tripping on Lake Atitlan and enjoying traditional remedies at a Mayan spa. Youíll also visit an organic farm to taste tortillas stuffed with fresh vegetables, have a yoga session on a rooftop, and sample plenty of aromatic Guatemalan coffee.

6. India

Embark upon your own passage to India by following the iconic Golden Triangle route, but with a vegan twist. Sample mouthwatering Rajasthani and Mughlai cuisine in small local cafes and restaurants on an epicurean odyssey around Delhi, Jaipur and Agra, in a country where eating vegetarian and vegan food is ingrained in the local culture.

7. Italy

In a country where people swear by ragu recipes passed down through centuries, it may seem atypical that the progressive vegan movement has taken hold as strongly as it has, but spend a week travelling from Venice to Tuscany and Rome, meeting innovative producers, and youíll understand how their passion has inspired others. Discover the lesser known glory of vegan Italian cuisine.

8. Thailand

Travel from Bangkok to Ayutthaya and Chiang Mai by way of some of Thailandís finest vegan food to explore one of the most distinctive and flavoursome cuisines in Asia. Learn to balance spices in a range of vegan curries with expert chefs, taste your way around night bazaars, and of course immerse yourself in Thailandís culture through historic sites and getting to know local people.
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Emma Fry from our supplier Vegan Adventure Holidays, which runs vegan holidays in Central and South America, has some tips on vegan friendly travel:

Vegan travel philosophy

ďItís still a way off yet but my philosophy is to try and change the travel industry so itís not exploitative of either people or animals. With vegan holidays Iím not only looking at the food Ė itís things like making sure the transport we use doesnít have leather seats. Itís trying wherever possible to use accommodations that have cotton bed linen and donít use wool, or animal-skin rugs, which are popular in Central and South America. Vegans do need to be flexible to travel here but there are things that can be improved.Ē

Not just for vegans

ďMy aim is to ensure every meal on my Central America trips is wholesome, honest food, not junk vegan fast food which is unfortunately getting quite common in some countries. Here pretty much everything you get on your plate is sourced from local and usually organic farms and the reason for that is simple Ė thereís nowhere else to get it. But I donít want to give the impression you need to be a vegan to enjoy these trips. We have lots of travellers who are vegetarians, or meat-eaters, that just want to try it out, or to eat a bit more healthily, or simply because they love the activities and the vegan food is just a bonus.Ē

Tips on being prepared

ďIf Iím going somewhere Iím unfamiliar with, be it on the road or just visiting someoneís house, I always pack a meal just in case Ė even if itís just a tin of soup, a sandwich or a pot of Red Red stew. Snacks-wise itís generally easy to find something vegan-friendly everywhere you go.Ē
Written by Rob Perkins
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