Best places to go on holiday in July 2023

Thereís no getting away from it Ė July is peak season in much of the world and the most popular attractions can be overrun and overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Leave popular hotspots such as Venice and Barcelona behind and head for the Carpathian Mountains or the Austrian countryside for respite from the heat and crowds. Or navigate the waters of the Aegean or Croatia, choosing a small ship voyage that keeps away from the busy cruise routes.
Itís all about the outdoors in Europe in July, with dry, warm weather thatís perfect for getting active both underwater and on dry land.
Unless you like the combination of seasonal downpours and peak summer holiday prices then much of the Caribbean and Southeast Asia is best avoided, with the exception of Indonesia and Malaysia, where itís the perfect time to see orangutans. For a wild card, Australian winter is a revelation: head for Tasmania for sunny skies and tip-top hiking conditions. Keep reading to find out more about the best places to go on holiday in July.

July holiday activities

Activity holidays

Montenegroís beaches are bursting with tourists at this time of year, but head into the countryside and itís cloud and crowd free Ė just right for a zip-lining, canyoning, rafting extravaganza. While Spainís popular beaches are heaving, in the Spanish Pyrenees and you can find peace (and cooler temperatures) walking through national parks and learning to cook in traditional mountain villages.

Self drive

Thereís a real romance to hitting the road in Europe in the summer Ė windows down, wind in your hair, stop-offs at Mediterranean beachesÖ however the rest of the continent is in on it too, so youíll also have traffic jams and high-season prices to contend with. Wild card? Try traversing the Tasmanian countryside, meeting the locals one B&B at a time. Both the wilderness and the winter sunshine are glorious.

Small ship cruises

Rocking up in Venice on a mega ship is a big no-no Ė stick to a small ship cruise or sailing holiday that gets you away from the busiest routes and keeps your impact minimal. Itís hot, hot, hot in Croatia and Greece at this time of year, but the waterís clear and calm. A cruise around Scotlandís west coast, meanwhile, brings with it superb marine wildlife and birdlife.
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Plenty of fresh air and the feeling of warm sun on your skin is enough to enhance your mood already. Throw in some al fresco yoga and youíll be really relaxed. All our wellness retreats are in full swing in July; head for Austria for a backdrop of snow-capped mountains or Greece for views across olive groves to the sea.

Wildlife holidays

Itís bear season in the deep, dark forests and mountains of the Carpathians and you can join a tour to search for these creatures in the wild Ė bring a torch for night-time tracking! Tanzaniaís dry plains make it easier to spot wildlife and the wildebeest migration is in full swing, while in the Azores wildlife encounters come in the form of swimming with wild dolphins
Written by Nana Luckham
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