Top 10 things to do on a
Tobago holiday

1. Ship ahoy

Be a pirate of the Caribbean! Sail along Tobago’s enchanting cove-littered coast on a catamaran, or cruise out to one of the even tinier islands on a glass-bottom boat, watching the vivid marine world ripple beneath you as you go.

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2. Dive in

Widely regarded as one of the best diving locations in the southern Caribbean, Tobago has not only the marine life to draw scuba divers to its warm, clear waters, but also highly experienced instructors and specialist equipment. Start from scratch with a resort dive, or join the pros in the wilder waters.

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3. Watch a turtle lay her eggs

Hawksbill and giant leatherback turtles drag their heavy bodies ashore each year to lay their eggs on Tobago’s starlit beaches. This spectacle is one of nature’s most moving – closely followed by the emergence of adorably tiny hatchlings a couple of months later, who won’t return to shore for years.

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4. Birding for all

With around 220 species, Tobago has one of the highest densities of birds in the world. Even non-birders will be impressed as many are vividly coloured and iridescent – from tiny, buzzing hummingbirds to the distinctive blue-crowned motmot. South American species can be found here as well as North American migrants – your checklist will be ticked off fast.

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5. Roam the rainforest

Tobago was a conservation pioneer as long ago as 1776, when the Main Ridge Forest Reserve was gazetted to protect the island’s trees and most important source of freshwater. Almost 10,000 acres remain untouched by man, making it a haven for armadillos, hummingbirds, peccaries, iguanas – and of course, nature fans from across the world.

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6. Tuck in!

Tobago’s cuisine has two distinctive qualities – the abundant, fresh local ingredients (seafood, fruit, root vegetables) and the spectacular splicing of Indian, Creole, indigenous and European flavours. From crab to callaloo via coconut bake, this is one Caribbean island where you really can’t worry about maintaining your “beach body”.

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7. Be a beach bum with a difference

You’re in the Caribbean; beach time is a must! Tobago’s bays veer from well-trodden to wild, yet pretty much all are idyllic, lapped by warm waves and framed by tropical vegetation. Sprawl for the day with a good book and a picnic, or keep active by kayaking and snorkelling – and helping local fishermen haul in their catch.

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8. Step back in time

Tobago’s wild history has left an indelible imprint on its present. From the forts to the mystery tombstone, there are stories to be told around every corner. And who better to tell those stories than the Tobagonians themselves: the owner of a cocoa estate, the family owners of a guesthouse, or the naturalist who spent his childhood on abandoned Little Tobago.

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9. Get festive

Tobago has several homegrown festivals each month, and these are a jolly good way to get under the island’s joyful skin. Heritage events showcase conch blowing and cacao dances, while calypso, steelpan and soca provide the rhythms to which the island walks. The annual Jazz Festival has drawn big names from across the globe.

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10. Wander to a waterfall

Paradise wouldn’t be paradise without a waterfall – or six – to splash around in! From the popular three tiers of Argyle Waterfall, bordered by cocoa trees and sugarcane, to the hidden Twin Rivers Falls, reached via a rocky riverbed – just be sure to bring a picnic and a bathing suit.

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Written by Vicki Brown
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