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We offer 192 Thailand holidays. Best sellers include relaxing island beach holidays in Koh Samui & adventure holidays exploring Thailand's jungles and rice paddies, trekking with elephants or visiting Thai hill tribes. Sightsee in bustling Bangkok taking in sites such as the Grand Palace, drive through scenic Chiang Mai with peaceful temples and exotic markets or explore Khao Sok National Park in search of wildlife. Our Thailand holidays offer small group or tailor made holidays, whether it is a wildlife experience or a cultural tour, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in Thailand's nature and pace of life.

Thailand holidays
Thailand island hopping holiday
White sands and tropical beach paradise in Koh Chang, Koh Maak & Koh Rang, from 535 (7 days) ex flights
Thailand and Laos holiday, tailor made
Overland adventure through Northern Thailand and Laos, from 2695 (16 days) inc UK flights
Khao Sok tour, two days, Thailand
Nature tours at Khao Sok National Park, Thailand, from 73 - 170 (2 days) ex flights
Khao Sok tour, three days, Thailand
Floating rafthouse, treehouse, elephant treks at Khao Sok, from 100 - 300 (3 days) ex flights
Life coaching and cultural holiday in Chiang Mai
Enjoy a cultural holiday in the luxurious setting of Chiang Mai, from 745 (8 days) ex flights
Thailand cultural tour, floating market & beach
Get a taste of real Thai life and traditional cuisine, from 779 (4 days) ex flights
Northern Thailand and hill tribes tour
From gleaming highrises to the remote Thailand's hills, from 449 (8 days) ex flights
Thailand tours, discovery
Experience essential Thailand on this small group tour., from 1330 - 1675 (10 days) ex flights
Khao Sok tours, four days, Thailand
A true jungle adventure, Khao Sok National Park, Thailand, from 160 - 390 (4 days) ex flights
Family holiday in Thailand
A wonderful away-from-it-all trip, from 1200 - 1900 (15 days) inc UK flights
Thailand holiday, Northern Mountains, Southern Beaches
A great introduction to diverse Thailand, from 2770 - 3100 (22 days) inc UK flights
Thailand holiday, culture and beach
Temples and elephants, jungle and beaches - with a twist!, from 1050 (15 days) ex flights
Thailand islands tour
Sample the exotic diversity of Thailand's islands, from 1770 - 1820 (14 days) inc UK flights
Small group cooking holiday in Thailand
4 areas of Thailand. No Single Supplement., from 2225 (15 days) inc UK flights
Elephant conservation holiday in Thailand
Tour around Thailand with 4 different elephant experiences, from 2150 (17 days) inc UK flights
Northern Thailand & Laos tour
A small group cultural journey through Thailand and Laos, from 1885 - 2550 (14 days) ex flights
Saigon to Bangkok cycling holiday
Three of South East Asia's most fascinating countries, from US $2450 (14 days) ex flights
South East Asia tour, Hanoi to Singapore
Discover a multitude of histories and cultures, from 2420 - 2689 (48 days) ex flights
Budget Thailand holiday, a taste of Thailand
Discover the magic of Thailand, from 460 - 505 (8 days) ex flights
Golden Triangle & Northern Laos holiday
Discover remote Northern Thailand and Northern Laos, from 2475 - 2775 (15 days) inc UK flights
Indochina tours
An awesome adventure Cambodia Laos Thailand & Vietnam, from 1841 - 2280 (30 days) ex flights
Thailand, Laos and Cambodia holiday
Discover stunning remote Laos and the 4,000 islands region, from 2310 - 2510 (14 days) inc UK flights
Indochina overland holiday
The ultimate discovery of South East Asia, from 2999 - 3439 (30 days) inc UK flights
Khao Sok tours, 5-7 days, Thailand
5 to 7 day adventure tours in Khao Sok National Park, from 230 - 430 (5 days) ex flights

228 reviews for Thailand holidays4 star overall rating

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Life coaching and cultural holiday in Chiang Mai
Excellent. This was a memorable (and life changing!) experience. The most memorable part was the actual one to one life coaching sessions and being able to do these at a comfortable and relaxing hotel. (more)Karen Gorham
The most memorable part of the holiday was the life coaching that we had and, a fantastic highlight, the excursion to the elephant sanctuary. (more)Kirsten Stolz
From 745 excluding flights
Laos adventure holiday, Bangkok to Vang Vieng
5*++++++++ It was absolutely superb! The operator may be a small company but it's dedication to providing the best service and most rounded and authentic personal experience of the country meant that I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. (more)Alice Ross
This trip was an amazing introduction to southeast Asia for me. I felt that my experience of Thailand and Laos was enhanced by this trip...Trekking throughout the north of Laos was amazing. We had a wonderful guide that was proud to show of his country, people, food, history and culture's. (more)Amy Worthington
From 1775 excluding flights
Indochina overland holiday
Memorable parts? An excellent way to see Indochina - airport to airport guided tour - with everything taken care of - excursions, hotels, transport, etc. The people are amazingly friendly, the scenery is superb, all very refreshing. Halong Bay and Angkor Wat stick out just a bit above the rest of the places we visited. Tips? There is no hard walking or trekking - but you still need to be reasonably fit to climb mountainside steps, and squat walk thru small tunnels - if you want. Local... (more)Vinod Mehta
From 2999 - 3439 including UK flights
Indochina small group overland tour
Memorable parts? Gosh! All of it! It was an amazing 40 day adventure but I particularly enjoyed watching the sun rise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia, kayaking around Halong Bay in Vietnam and the stunning scenery of Laos and in particular watching the sun set over the Mekong River in Luang Prabang. Tips? We were constantly on the move, which was very exhausting and at the end of the Vietnam trip (the 40 day Indochina adventure was actually 3 separate tours which I did not realise and... (more)Lucy Charlotte Brand
From 1815 - 1925 excluding flights
Thailand holiday, Northern Mountains, Southern Beaches
Imaginatively devised, well planned and executed. The best parts were the visit to the Sakai tribe, Sukhotai World Heritage Site, the longboat trip down the Kok River & the trek to the Northern hill tribes. (more)Charles Moberly
The elephant riding and the Thai cooking was the most memorable part. (more)Sarah Morton
From 2770 - 3100 including UK flights
Khao Sok tours, four days, Thailand
Our trip had several memorable parts...our relaxing canoe ride down the river was beautiful, our trek through the jungle was hard work but a one-off experience and our day on the lake was just amazing. (more)Gill Bunnell
The elephant ride was great, the trip out to the huts on the lake and morning 'jungle safari' really stick in my mind. These 3 days were the perfect way to see more of Thailand and were a great balance between 'active and relaxing'. (more)Eleanor Turner
The location was awesome. We loved feeling far away from city life in the treehouses of the Nature Resort and the rafthouses at Chieow Laan Lake. (more)Cindy Dorsey
From 160 - 390 excluding flights
Golden Triangle & Northern Laos holiday
Memorable parts? Visiting Luang Prabang Tips? Travel light as there are a lot of one night stays Local benefits? Certainly benefited local people because we ate in local restaurants Overall rating? Very good (more)Gillian Brassington
From 2475 - 2775 including UK flights
Small group cooking holiday in Thailand
I loved the Central Plains homestay, after Bangkok it was amazingly beautiful and peaceful. All the cooking schools were so beautiful and peaceful, and the food was amazing! (more)Suzanne Smith
The most memorable part of the holiday was definitely the cooking ... and all the eating. Swimming in the Andaman sea was also a real highlight. (more)Shelley Kennedy
The cooking and the eating were the most memorable! Fabulous. (more)Stacey Cooper
From 2225 including UK flights
Thailand island hopping holiday
Our most memorable parts of the holiday were spent at Our Jungle House, we really enjoyed the ability to relax in a natural unspoiled environment with fantastic gracious hosts there. The two side "journeys" that we took while there will always be remembered. (more)Federico Mingozzi
It was wonderful! ....Watching the sunrise at Angor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia (more)Casey Faber
From 535 excluding flights
Life coaching & spa holiday in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin everyday. When you live in Scotland this rarely happens! (more)Emma Gunter
The operator was wonderful with helping people who are stuck in life or who just want to change (more)Cherry Lihou
From 689 excluding flights
Budget Thailand holiday, a taste of Thailand
Memorable parts? I enjoyed so many things about my holiday, I had a truly fantastic time but if I had to choose I would say the hill-tribe trek, that was a great experience for many reasons, I especially loved seeing the tribes & the breath-taking landscape it was unbelievable I thought, a special experience. Tips? To travel as lightly as possible during the hill-tribe trek as it can be rather demanding especially the first day & make sure you have the correct footwear. Be prepared... (more)Gary Remekie
From 460 - 505 excluding flights
Vietnam to Thailand, small group holiday
Memorable parts? All the tour has been exciting. Tips? Arrival in Saigon without any city visit is not so useful and could be avoided. Local benefits? Absolutely yes. Overall rating? (more)Terry Basilico
From 435 - 630 excluding flights
Family holiday to Thailand, jungles and islands
The three days trekking in Nan province was certainly the most memorable part of our holiday. Highlights included the market across the street from the hotel selling a wide range of "interesting" live produce. (more)John Caswell
It was all terrific. We are four- a seven year old, a 16 year old, my wife and me. Trying to find a holiday that suits everyone is always hard - this holiday did that and more! ... A gem of a company and a gem of a guide! (more)Bill Neely
From 1300 excluding flights
Family adventure holiday in Thailand
Wonderful. Travelling in a small group as a family with such a dedicated guide allowed us to see more & interact more. We were able to eat at small road side cafes and at the Phetchaburi night market, and wander around the Sangklaburi floating houses (more)Simon Daniels
We all have different highlights, but generally agree that the day we had a boat trip down the Maekok river, followed by an elephant ride where we got to ride the elephants like a mahout and then spent a night in an Akha village, was our most memorable day. (more)Taru Jones
Most memorable was walking in the rainforest following local guide in his shower cap and Wellingtons and meeting the jungle dwelling Sakai, and swimming in pool at top of huge and remote waterfall. (more)Jane Giles
From 1925 - 2050 including UK flights
Khao Sok tour, three days, Thailand
Staying at the Arts Riverview and elephant riding. Loved having the monkeys so close and the river was tranquil. Food choices were good though portions too big and I felt guilty leaving half of everything. A rustic place but with attention to detail. (more)Juliet Randle
Swimming off the rafthouses was lovely. Having kayaks available to use was excellent. The meals served on the rafthouses were some of the best food we encountered in Thailand. (more)Jayne Simmons
Great. Really well organised, everything happened as advertised. The timing of everything was great, so there was time for relaxing/doing our own thing in between scheduled activities. Staff were really friendly and helpful, but not 'in your face'. (more)Irene Evison
From 100 - 300 excluding flights
Timeless Thailand holiday
The temples in Angkor Wat / Siem Reap were incredible. The roads in Cambodia were pretty memorable as well [though for a completely different reason!]. (more)Candy Owens
Great country, fantastic guide, very friendly and welcoming local people. Would book another trip with same company but especially Thailand if I could get the same guide as she really helped the group come together and made sure everything went as smoothly and was as much fun as possible. (more)Louise Massen
From 757 - 970 excluding flights
Indochina tours
Laos is beautiful and the people are gentle and kind. Vietnam is crazy, hectic with stunning beaches and Halong Bay, Wow...Excellent. (more)Anne Honeyball
was one of the best trips I have ever done. We experienced all kinds of travel, visited many amazing sites and learned more in one month than most people do in a lifetime. The most memorable part was the homestay where we experienced what life really is for the locals who were so welcoming and friendly to us. (more)Sarah Beddow
I really enjoyed the relaxing river trip on the mekong, I loved the peacefulness of the journey and the fact that you felt like you were in the middle of nowhere, the stops were great and the local guide savatt was really friendly and knowledgeable and helpful. (more)David Conway
From 1841 - 2280 excluding flights
Thailand tour, jungles and islands
Too many exciting experiences to recount. However we loved the alternative accommodation in the lodges - made a refreshing change from the usual soulless 5 star hotels. (more)Helen Quayle
The most memorable parts were ...elephant ride in Jungle, boat trip snorkelling in Khoa Sok and getting absolutely soaked in a sudden monsoon downpour in the rain forest! (more)Michael Potter
The day spent boating on the Lake in Khao Sok National Park was wonderful; we had sunshine for most of the day and it was simply spectacular. Swimming and snorkelling off Koh Lanta was wonderful. Walking the Death Railway was very moving, a good trek and we learned a lot. (more)Marian and Richard Beaver
From 2300 - 2400 including UK flights
Thailand holidays, tailor made
Memorable parts? The temples (including Angkor Wat) around Siam Reap were wonderful. But our two day trip on the Mekong to Luang Prabang and, Luang Prabang itself were very memorable. Tips? Make sure that you have at least three days in Luang Prabang and no less that five in Siam Reap. Local benefits? Yes. Overall rating? It was a wondeful experience in every respect. The organisation and choice of hotels and guides was excellent. (more)Tim Hailstone
From 2200 including UK flights
Thailand activity holiday, bike, hike & raft
Memorable parts? The first village stay on the hill tribe trek - we were the first group to stay in this village, and the kids were so excited to see us that I think we became a free babysitting service to the whole village for the entire night! Tips? Be prepared to 'rough it' and bring a sense of adventure with you. Many of the nights accommodation involve some form of shared accommodation with the whole group - think home stays, bamboo huts when trekking, house boats, and sleeper... (more)Hannah Gausden
From 885 - 940 excluding flights
Northern Thailand family holiday
Memorable parts? What we liked the most was the variation in the program - culture - nature - sports (could have been little bit more) - homestay - and definitely NOT to forget the Thai cooking!! People were extremely friendly. We definitely also enjoyed the busy life in Bangkok next to the quietness of the rafthouses - the serenity of foodgiving to the monks - the fireflies at night .... Tips? Do not take too much luggage with you! There are opportunities to get your laundry done... (more)Sabine Callens
From 1696 - 2320 including UK flights
Elephant conservation holiday in Thailand
Fantastic!!...Being so closely involved with the elephants, and learning so much about these wonderful animals! (more)Helen Baxter
The holiday was fantastic. The highlight of the trip was, without doubt, the three days we spent getting up close and personal with elephants. It was a truly magical experience, and a privilege to interact so closely with such noble and intelligent creatures. Unforgettable. (more)Nicola Jane
For me this was an excellent experience which lived up to my expectations and more. Plenty of variety and personal challenge. An excellent tour guide/escort who was knowledgeable and lovely to have with us. Gave me a good understanding of Thai culture and close up working with elephants. (more)Hannah Wilson
From 2150 including UK flights
South East Asia tour, Hanoi to Singapore
Snorkelling for the first time in Nha Trang (and second time in Ko Phi Phi!) was fantastic, jungle trekking in both Thailand and Malaysia was awesome...Outstanding - varied, educational and stacks of fun. (more)Matt Williams
There were so many highlights to this holiday which covered so many countries... Staying the night in a hilltribe village in northern Thailand, snorkling on the coral reefs around Ko Phi Phi, 4x4 driving, drinking tea in a tea plantation in the Cameron highlands...exploring great cities like KL and Singapore. Fantastic, but tough going at times! (more)Bridie Brittain
From 2421 - 2689 excluding flights
Family holiday in Thailand
We all thoroughly enjoyed every part of the experience and loved the intensity and variety of the well organised and full itinerary. (more)Caren Matthews-Lane
Most memorable were the palaces and temples of Bangkok, closely followed by the jungle walk! Best yet for all of us. (more)Barbara Chadband
Everyday was filled with activity and something new to look forward to. Most memorable was meeting and getting to know the local people and seeing real life in Thailand...Fun, educational, relaxing...not just a holiday but an experience of a lifetime. (more)Afsha Malik
From 1200 - 1900 including UK flights
Photography tour in Laos & Thailand
Memorable parts? Almost too many to recount! The rice terraces at sunset and dawn, the hike through Tiger Leaping Gorge, the Stone Forest, the lake and mountains and pagodas at Dali, the Jade Dragon Mountain at Lijiang, Shangri-La, the markets and ethnic minorities.... Tips? Take some dollars, go (unlike locals) between Nov and April - we had superb weather; take some warm clothing for the Tibetan plateau; take plenty of film/memory cards! Local benefits? Very much so. We... (more)John deason
From 995 excluding flights
Cycling holiday to Indochina and Angkor Wat
Excellent - thank you very much. All provisions and services were provided by locals and the relationship the guide had with them was obviously due to good relationships in place. (more)Ian MacEachern
I really enjoyed the experince. Getting to see three countries off the beaten track was an experience and we were all the time active on the holiday (more)Tom Mc Conalogue
Cycling in Thailand was the most memorable part. (more)Fon Atang
From 2079 - 2379 including UK flights
Thailand activity holiday
Memorable parts? Trekking in the hill area around Chang Mai, and staying in the tree house. The kayaking from beautiful beaches and the many historical buildings were also very memorable Tips? Definitely take a rucksack. For those who didn't it was a hassle. We did not really need water bottles as water provision was excellent Local benefits? Yes, especially in the less traditionally tourist areas. This was less soon the beach areas where tourism seemed more well established. Overall... (more)Ruth Leese
From 1089 excluding flights
Thailand, Laos and Cambodia holiday
Memorable parts? The train Journey from Bangkok, the days on the Mekong and the guided tour of Bangkok. Tips? There are not too many high spots on this holiday, as it misses out the main sights. This is a rather low key trip and some of it is very beautiful. It does take you to less visited areas. Prepare for two full days of travelling at the end to get to Phenom Phen. Local benefits? Definitely relations with local people were respectful and brought benefits to them. Overall... (more)Lesley Holly
From 2310 - 2510 including UK flights
Thailand family adventure holiday on the River Kwai
Memorable parts? We've decided that there were higher points, like elephants, tuc-tucs and boat trips but that the whole thing merged into one great experience. Tips? First, look at your needs. There's a great variety of opportunities, more than most other holiday firms. For this experience pick the one appropriate to your family. in our case, for families with older teenagers. Then just turn up, be prepared to join in and go with the flow. Local benefits? We certainly provided... (more)Robert Brown
From 1868 - 1968 including UK flights
Weddings in Thailand, Buddhist & Christian ceremonies
Excellent - the wedding surpassed our expectations. (more)Katie Darby
This was a specialist holiday - a wedding so the most excting part was clear, and organised to perfection. (more)Tim English
From Baht49000 per ceremony

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I am reborn! Simply the best holiday I have ever been on
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Some great stories to tell the grandchildren. Would recommend to a friend
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Very enjoyable
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It was OK
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A bit disappointing really

Thailand travel information

Bangkok may appear increasingly westernised, but even here in the capital city modern life is underpinned by a strong sense of history and tradition. The network of canals (khlongs) offers visitors a different view of city life from that which is presented in the teeming bustle of the streets. There are over 300 Buddhist temples and shrines within the city limits, and among other sites of interest are the Pakkard Palace, National Museum and famous floating market.

In the central plains, the ancient city kingdom of Sukhothai is a World Heritage Site and covers a huge area of palaces, temples, pavilions, lakes and waterways. There are numerous community-based trips and visits available in Thailand, especially in the north around Chiang Mai, where the rich heritage and traditional lives of the various hill tribes can be experienced by staying in local villages.

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Put an end to your winter woes and book yourself an amazing value holiday to the paradise of Thailand. Idyllic islands, hot pink sunsets, tantalising cuisine with an extra sprinkle of adventure, Thailand is the ultimate holiday destination to warm your heart and put a smile on your face without breaking the bank. For a rich round up of history and culture - at an unbeatable price - all in one breathtaking week, take the Thailand budget holiday. You can taste the sights and sounds of a spicy Bangkok, reap the colours and magical temples of Chiang Mai and acquire that jungle experience with local trekking guides in a rural hill tribe all in just 8 days. Even better take to the lakes of Chieaw Laan where you can live in a tree house, visit local floating raft houses and get all a flutter with the beautiful butterflies on a 7 day tour through Khao Sok National Park. Read more about Thailand holidays in this Thailand holidays article.

Country facts for Thailand holidays

Thailand has a largely tropical climate so is hot all year around. The rainy season is July to October, except on the south-east coast (including Ko Samui) where the rainy season is November to February.

The official language in Thailand is Thai.

The currency in Thailand is the Baht (THB).

Time zone
GMT+7 (UTC+7).
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