Top 10 June holidays

We’ve picked out our top 10 June holidays. They cover everything from cruising Southern Europe under sunny skies to enjoying June at its most bracing up by the Arctic Circle. Activity-wise, there’s hiking, biking and wildlife watching, though you might prefer to take it easy on a painting or history tour.

1. Cruise southern Croatia

Meander your way through the waters of southern Croatia on board a small ship with a maximum of 40 passengers, stopping to swim in quiet bays and heading ashore every now and then to cycle, sightsee or get acquainted with the country’s slow food scene. June is wonderful out on the water for those who can’t do seriously hot, with temperatures around 25-27°C. The biggest crowds have yet to arrive, although the wind can be a bit unpredictable during these months.

2. Explore Scotland by rail

The famous West Highland Line offers some of the best views in Scotland, taking you from Glasgow through the all-enveloping wilderness of places like Rannoch Moor and Glencoe and on to the fishing village at Mallaig. Take your time over the journey on a tailor made tour, staying in small locally-run hotels, where organic meals and home baked goods are often on offer.

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3. Take a history tour of Sicily

Influenced over the centuries by everyone from the Phoenicians to the Romans to the Normans, Sicily has a wealth of archaeological and cultural treasures to discover alongside incredible natural beauty and a thriving seasonal food culture. Travel in a small group over nine days with experienced local guides who are passionate about the island’s past.

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4. Explore Borneo’s wildlife

Watching orangutans in the wild is utterly magical, and visiting a sanctuary, rehabilitation centre or remaining tract of virgin rainforest supports their conservation for future generations. A small group trip can help you achieve this, while introducing you to some of Borneo’s other indigenous wildlife, from monkeys to monitor lizards to pygmy elephants.
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5. Safari in Botswana

Botswana is one of Africa’s last great wildernesses, with the Kalahari Desert, Zambezi River and enormous Okavango Delta making this one of the world’s best places for game drives, bush walks and river safaris. Two weeks will give you time to see the country’s main parks and smaller gems, while camping ramps up the thrill element – especially the complete immersion of wild camping with no manmade perimeters.

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6. Explore your artistic side in Crete

Combine walking and painting on a seriously relaxed week in one of the Med’s most stunning spots. You could spend your mornings gently exploring hills, coastline and ancient towns, while afternoons are all about painting, either in a studio or out in the open, taking inspiration from the surrounding landscape.

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7. Self guided cycling in Portugal

Explore inland and coastal Algarve by bike, making the most of quiet back roads and seaside paths, with plenty of time to stop for a swim, to sightsee or for lunch in a village restaurant. Self guided trips mean you’re free to take things at your own speed, with maps, itineraries and pre-booked hotels and guesthouses to make things even simpler.

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8. Arctic cruise

A cruise in this wild region is eye opening in more ways than one. As well as discovering what strange creatures inhabit the roof of the world – tusked narwhal and walrus, blubbery seals, and the star attraction, the polar bear – you’ll see how far the ice has shrunk, threatening the futures of both the animals and the people that depend on it.

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9. Watch gorillas in Uganda

June is dry season in Uganda and the conditions are perfect for watching the largest and most powerful of the great apes. Tracking gorillas in Uganda takes you deep into Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, along the densely forested mountain slopes. When you encounter the gorillas, you’ll spend up to an hour in their presence.

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10. Follow the Silk Road

This epic holiday takes you through the five ‘Stans – Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan – in just over three weeks. The dramatic landscape of desert plains, undulating steppe and mountain peaks perfectly complements the ancient Silk Road cities that you’ll visit along the way.

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Written by Nana Luckham
Photo credits: [Page banner: Michael Liao] [Croatia: Cody Black] [Borneo: Jorge Franganillo] [Cycling portugal: Marien van Os] [Silk Road: Dan Lundberg]