Where to go on holiday in November

November in the Northern Hemisphere is late autumn, when the thoughts of many turn naturally to seeking out some winter sun. And in countries such as Cuba, Jordan and Egypt you’ll certainly find bright sunny days, although the temperatures – especially in the evenings – are a lot more manageable. November skies are pretty dismal in Norway, but if your dream is to see orcas in the wild then you’ll barely notice the weather. And in Japan, November heralds the start of koyo, the autumnal equivalent of the cherry blossom season, when crowds gather to see the leaves turn shades of orange, red and gold.

1. Antarctica

November is the start of Antarctica’s short expedition season – the only months when the ice melts enough for ships to travel this vast and pristine wilderness. November is when icebergs are at their most monumental and dramatic, when elephant seals are breeding in the Falklands, and when you can expect very chilly weather on the deck of your small ship.

2. Cuba

Visit Cuba in November and you skirt the end of the rainy season, as well as the hurricane season. And coming just before the cooler, sunny weather of December, you should also find it a less expensive time to travel. If you’re joining a salsa dance holiday in Cuba then you’ll find November evening temperatures great for showing off your moves.

3. Egypt

November is one of the best months to visit Egypt, avoiding the oppressive heat of summer. It still hits 25-30°C in the day, but it’s cooler in the evenings – idyllic for cruising along the Nile. The cooler weather also means temples and ruins are busier, but responsible travel companies will time tours of ancient sites to avoid the crowds from the mega cruise ships.

4. Japan

Japan’s cherry blossom season is well-known, but equally beautiful are the autumnal changes in the leaves that you’ll witness around November. Nikko National Park, just north of Tokyo, is a lovely place to see the koyo. And while the weather is turning colder and there is snow at higher altitudes, November is still popular for walking iconic routes such as the Nakasendo Trail.

5. Jordan

You’ll need to wrap up in the evenings as the winter winds start to bite, but for the most part Jordan is still lovely in November. On the coast in Aqaba the temperatures are warm – ideal for a little late-in-the-season snorkelling. And Petra is even more striking in winter, when the colours of the sandstone become particularly vivid.

6. Norway

November in Norway is cold, damp and dark, but this is also the best time of year to see orcas in the wild in the fjords north of Tromsø. And with our Norway holiday partners, you can slip into a drysuit and swim with these amazing creatures too. Throw in the Northern Lights, and you’ve got yourself a bucket list holiday.
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November holiday advice

We’ve spoken to our expert travel partners to find out where they recommend travelling in November. Here’s what they say…
Susie de Carteret from our partner Tasmanian Odyssey says: “November in Tasmania is superb for whales, as they migrate up the east coast, and for birds and wildflowers. The island is lush and green after the winter months.”
Robin Kersten is a catamaran skipper for our partner Intrepid. He says: “November is my favourite time to sail in Myanmar. It can be overcast and not as sunny, but there’s more marine life and it’s also not as hot. The Mergui archipelago comes alive after the rough weather.”
Michelle Darnell from our partner ROW Adventures: “November to early December is actually a really wonderful window for kayaking trips in Mexico. We tend to have some of the best snorkelling during that time, the waters are clear, and they’re pretty calm.”
Liz Bohn from our small group holidays partner Intrepid on touring India: “If you’re lucky enough to be visiting Pushkar in November, keep an eye out for details of the celebrated camel fair. It’s here you’ll find elaborately decorated camels, musicians, dancers, acrobats and more, all enjoying the festivities. Make the effort to seek out a kabaddi match too and see if you can work out the rules of this popular Asian contact sport. The falafel stalls in Pushkar are also not to be missed!”
Written by Rob Perkins
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