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Enter the dragon

The wildlife in Indonesia is as intriguing as the archipelago itself with every region differing in habitat, climate and the weird and wonderful creatures that dwell there.
There an inordinate number of things to do in Indonesia: it’s home to some of the rarest creatures in the world including the miniature deer that stands at just 35cm, fish that climb trees to catch insects (no, really), and crafty spiders that catch and devour small birds in their giant webs. The Tanjung Puting National Park is all about making your way slowly into the jungle along the misty river to spot orangutans, gibbons and long-tailed macaques; Sumatra is where the majestic elephant treads alongside mischievous monkeys; and Tangui, an orangutan release centre in Indonesian Borneo flutters with the colourful wings of its unique birdlife and some beautiful rare butterflies.
Of course, there is only one King in Indonesia and that’s the Komodo dragon – the stuff of legend, it is the world’s biggest lizard and lives among the savannah in eastern Indonesia’s untouched islands, Rinca and Komodo. Known locally as ‘ora’, they hunt alone and satiate their enormous appetites with huge animals like deer and even buffalo.

Kayak into the jungle

If you crave adventure, want a thought provoking dose of cultural immersion, and love a physical challenge, but relish the idea of moments of absolute relaxation too, there is no better way to journey along Indonesia’s atmospheric waterways than by kayak.
Paddling a sea kayak deep into Indonesia’s jungle, reaching places where two feet just can’t get, drifting between remote beaches, uninhabited islands and visiting local stilted villages along the way in one of the very best things to do in Indonesia. The aim of any kayaking expedition into the jungle is to catch a glimpse of the mighty Komodo dragon, incredible animals that you’ll get to observe from a truly unique standpoint, alongside buffalo, monkey, and wild pigs and you make your way to safety and release some adrenalin with a swim or a snorkel above ethereal coral reefs.
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Tour the temples

Java’s temples are not just sensational to look at, but they tell a physical tale of Buddhism and Hinduism living peacefully side-by-side as shown by the proximity of Prambanan, the celestial, turreted Hindu temple, to the magnificent Borobudur, the largest Buddhist building in the world and a manmade cluster of arches, stupas and statues.

Explore the road
less travelled

Off-the-beaten track Indonesia is all about getting under the skin of the country – exploring the central mountain region of laidback Ubud, the summits of dormant volcanoes across the cool northern slopes of Mount Batukaru, or cycling around the enigmatic Ulun Danu Temple on Lake Bratan, which can often be seen so shrouded in mist that it appears to float on the water.
Photo credits: [Enter the dragon: Adhi Rachdian] [Tour the temples: Jorge Láscar] [Explore the road less travelled: Roderick Eime]
Written by Polly Humphris
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