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The stark, desert-bound landscapes of Namibia offer an exciting contrast to many African safaris. Self drive holidays and small group camping tours are popular ways to discover the wildlife of Etosha National Park and the vast sand dunes of Sossusvlei. Our Namibia holidays, often combined with Botswana, put a twin focus on wildlife and people. So you might stay in lodges using innovative eco-technologies and supporting conservation initiatives such as anti-poaching units. Meanwhile, your local guides will show you around community farming projects or schools that you can support with needed materials by ‘packing with purpose’.

Our top Namibia holidays

Namibia small group guided holiday and safari

From £3880 to £4245
12 days ex flights
A fabulous small group guided trip in Nambia
Small group2023: 25 Sep, 2 Oct, 6 Oct, 9 Oct, 13 Oct, 16 Oct, 23 Oct, 6 Nov, 20 Nov, 4 Dec, 18 Dec, 2024: 8 Jan, 19 Feb, 4 Mar, 18 Mar, 1 Apr, 12 Apr, 15 Apr, 22 Apr, 26 Apr, 6 May, 10 May, 17 May, 20 May, 24 May, 3 Jun, 10 Jun, 14 Jun, 17 Jun, 21 Jun, 24 Jun, 28 Jun, 1 Jul, 12 Jul, 19 Jul, 22 Jul, 26 Jul, 2 Aug, 9 Aug, 16 Aug, 19 Aug, 23 Aug, 26 Aug, 30 Aug, 2 Sep, 6 Sep, 9 Sep, 13 Sep, 16 Sep, 27 Sep, 30 Sep, 4 Oct, 7 Oct, 11 Oct ...

Namibia self drive safari

From £2250
14 days ex flights
An iconic self-drive safari through north and south Namibia

Namibia and Botswana safari holiday

From €3560 to €3590
21 days ex flights
Namibia & Botswana lodge safari Caprivi Etosha Okavango
Small group2023: 10 Dec, 2024: 7 Jan, 11 Feb, 17 Mar, 24 Mar, 31 Mar, 19 May, 16 Jun, 23 Jun, 30 Jun, 7 Jul, 14 Jul, 11 Aug, 18 Aug, 1 Sep, 8 Sep, 22 Sep, 29 Sep, 13 Oct, 20 Oct, 3 Nov, 10 Nov, 8 Dec, 22 Dec

Namibia and Botswana safari

From £2049 to £2695
12 days ex flights
Two week adventure tour of Namibia and Botswana
Small group2024: 14 Jan, 17 Jan, 21 Jan, 24 Jan, 31 Jan, 4 Feb, 7 Feb, 11 Feb, 14 Feb, 18 Feb, 25 Feb, 28 Feb, 3 Mar, 6 Mar, 13 Mar, 17 Mar, 20 Mar, 24 Mar, 27 Mar, 31 Mar, 7 Apr, 10 Apr, 14 Apr, 17 Apr, 24 Apr, 28 Apr, 1 May, 5 May, 8 May, 12 May, 19 May, 22 May, 26 May, 29 May, 5 Jun, 9 Jun, 12 Jun, 16 Jun, 19 Jun, 23 Jun, 30 Jun, 3 Jul, 7 Jul, 10 Jul, 17 Jul, 21 Jul, 24 Jul, 28 Jul, 31 Jul, 4 Aug, 11 Aug, 14 Aug, 18 Aug, 21 Aug, 28 Aug ...

Premium Namibia small group holiday

From £3334 to £4815
10 days ex flights
Discover the landscapes and wildlife of world-class Namibia
Small group2023: 14 Oct, 11 Nov, 2024: 9 Mar, 20 Apr, 4 May, 18 May, 15 Jun, 29 Jun, 6 Jul, 13 Jul, 3 Aug, 17 Aug, 31 Aug, 7 Sep, 14 Sep, 21 Sep, 12 Oct, 9 Nov

Namibia wildlife tour, desert and marine life

From £2549
10 days ex flights
Explore the terrestrial and marine ecosystems of Namibia

Namibia tours under canvas, small group safari

From £3625 to £4060
12 days ex flights
Discover Namibia, Staying Under Canvas, with Superb Guides
Small group2023: 3 Oct, 2024: 3 Apr, 17 Apr, 1 May, 8 May, 22 May, 29 May, 19 Jun, 26 Jun, 10 Jul, 17 Jul, 31 Jul, 14 Aug, 28 Aug, 11 Sep, 2 Oct

Namibia self drive holiday, big cat conservation

From £2650 to £4900
14 days ex flights
Self drive trip taking in Namibia's highlights

Namibia wildlife safari, off the beaten track

From £7450
15 days ex flights
Exciting safari visiting Namibia's remotest reserves
Small group2024: 10 Oct

About our Namibia holidays

Namibia safaris

Namibia’s wildlife has to contend with some serious extremes in the desert, and seeing your first oryx, with its painted face and poker-straight horns, standing in the road, is a wonderful introduction to what’s in store. The biggest draw is Etosha National Park, for its sheer size, and the number of different species you can spot while you’re here. It’s happy hour every hour at the park’s handful of waterholes; elephants, zebra, jackals and giraffes congregate to drink in the day, and big cats like leopards and lions might come sneaking up at night.

Desert elephants in Namibia

For those of us who readily imagine elephants slinging water with their trunks and breaking trees in their eagerness to eat, Namibia’s desert elephants are an extraordinary anomaly. This cautious, smaller framed version of the savannah standard has large feet adapted to walking on sand and is able to live for days without water. Coming across the desert elephant is a rare treat – and they’re found in the north Kunene region, near Brandberg Mountain. Camp in the desert, learning to track their movements with a local guide, and you can help with conservation efforts.

Further afield

Botswana, Namibia’s neighbour to the east, makes an excellent contrast if you want to combine countries. Desert soon gives way to the grasslands, and the famous Okavango Delta, where hippos throw back yawning heads close to your canoe. With Chobe National Park known for its lion populations, multiple safaris are a must. If you’ve got more time and resources, Namibia’s epic scale becomes part of an ambitious overland tour of southern Africa, from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. It starts with penguins on a South African beach, and ends with white water on the Zambezi.

Types of safaris & holidays in Namibia

Namibia is very driveable. Though the distances are long, the roads are good, and you’re more likely to see herds in the road than traffic jams. Self drive holidays mean you can also conduct your own safari in Etosha National Park. If you’d prefer some company, small group tours give you like-minded travellers with whom you can share your exclamations of awe. And there are plenty of exclamation-worthy moments on a Namibia safari holiday, where you can see everything from leopards to rhino, desert elephants to delicate oryx. Spot it all on game drives, or even from your tent, while camping at a flood-lit waterhole.
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