Yoga holidays in France

“We try to share the whole philosophy with our guests,” says Benoît Couvreur, from our partner the Frogs’House, about their yoga retreats in France. “So not just the asana, the physical practise, but also the meditation and breathing techniques… We have four different teachers, each with their own style and energy. Mostly it’s quite soft, but there is some more dynamic ashtanga yoga too.”

Everyone is welcome no matter their experience level – it’s an inclusive and welcoming approach that carries through to every aspect of these stays in Provence.

Practising yoga in France, you’ll enjoy a pleasant stay in a guest house set in the medieval village of Saint-Jeannet – just a 40-minute drive from Nice and the Côte d’Azur and yet without a hint of the crowds that the region attracts.

While the French Riviera is an enduringly popular tourism destination, many rural inland areas in many parts of France, including Provence, struggle to keep younger people around as they leave communities behind in search of employment opportunities elsewhere. Our yoga holidays in France use local producers for meals and encourage guests to support locally owned businesses, from restaurants to bakeries to vineyards, playing an active role in economic regeneration while also helping you to reinvigorate mind, body and soul with their holistic retreats.

What to expect from yoga & wellness holidays in France

Our yoga retreats in France are usually week-long small group trips available between April and November. Popular with solo travellers as well as couples and groups of friends, the retreats are hosted in English and French on alternate weeks. For those with less time, half-week holidays are also available with the same wellness programme split into two.

Yoga and meditation practise are led once or twice daily, and complimented with a range of outdoor and cultural experiences that are designed to help guests feed body and soul. The common thread throughout is mindfulness, being present in the here and now, and gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.

Predominantly plant-based, home-cooked cuisine is served at shared meals, while the homemade jams made by FrogS’House co-owner Corinne Benoit are a highlight for many guests. Our French yoga holidays follow a fixed schedule, and you can take part in every included activity if you wish, or dip out if you prefer not to.

What other activities can I do?

A yoga class starts each morning and often ends the afternoon too. Days might find you enjoying a wine tasting session – a tipple-tastic way to support small local businesses. Cooking lessons (with a professional local chef) and massages are also on the agenda.

Benoît, a qualified walking guide, grew up in this region, and is a fount of knowledge on the region’s history, culture and geography during the mindful hiking trips he leads. Summer can take you into a canyon where you can swim in freshwater ponds, while in the cooler spring or autumn you’ll hike up into the surrounding hills known as baou for a homemade picnic with panoramic views across the French Riviera and Southern Alps.

Other organised activities on our wellness and yoga holidays in France include lessons in conscious, compassionate cooking. “Discussing why we eat the way we eat, whether it’s good for us or the planet, is a good way to start developing awareness about other, wider consumption issues,” says Benoît.

Personal development workshops are available, helping guests understand and deal with emotions, as well as sessions on non-violent communication. “We want to create an atmosphere of security here,” continues Benoît, “so people can share their stories, build trust and confidence, and personal awareness.”
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Yoga retreat accommodation in France

Perched on the hillsides above Nice, with gorgeous views of the French Riviera and Mediterranean coast, the FrogS’House is an idyllic place to practise yoga. You might stay in the cosy six-bedroomed B&B with its own spacious yoga shala suite or a comfortable apartment nearby.

Guests are free to prepare their own meals in the kitchen and relax on the sunny terrace when not taking part in activities. For occasional shared meals and ‘conscious cookery’ lessons, locally sourced, organic produce is used throughout. The cuisine served on these yoga retreats in France is plant-based – not to force an ideology but simply because it’s suitable for pretty much anyone. Even committed carnivores are often surprised at the richness of flavours their hosts can whip up.

The village of Saint-Jeannet has a butcher and baker useful for packed lunches, as well as a selection of small restaurants where you can enjoy a meal alone or with fellow guests, and a healthy winemaking culture. All wines served at meals in the FrogS’House are from the surrounding area.
Written by Rob Perkins
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