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Yoga & nutrition

Blissfully, it’s practically impossible to make unhealthy food choices on a yoga holiday. Most retreats will serve a predominantly vegetarian diet alongside very healthy, cleansing snacks and litres of water, which will all be explained through interesting nutritional workshops.

Yoga & fitness

If you want to kick start a new health regime, or finally shift those last few stubborn pounds, yoga holidays with a fitness angle are a great way to cram loads of additional exercise in without really realising it. Combining a targeted fitness programme with your daily yoga practice, fitness at a yoga retreat means shaking up your long-term lifestyle rather than slogging it out for hours on an uninspiring treadmill and you can expect additional classes like Pilates, circuit training, core work, coastal treks and mountain hiking served up with lots of motivation and support and a useful course in meditation to relieve stress and encourage restful sleep.
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Yoga & the unusual

Each and every one of a yoga holiday’s unexpected counterparts are about letting music and nature lead the way, so that you’re more aware of your surroundings, your yoga practice is more focused, and this leads you to a greater understanding of the other activity at hand.

Yoga & water

With its feet firmly planted in the ancient and the spiritual, it’s not surprise that yoga has a deeply ingrained relationship with each of nature’s five basic elements: earth, space, fire, air and water, the latter featuring heavily in all manner of combined yoga holidays. Super sporty types can team their yoga practice with surfing on the southern coast of Portugal mixing modern anusara yoga sessions with two surf lessons a day taught by a local pro on some of the Algarve’s best beaches. If you want to keep your brain as busy as your body ‘Yoga Diving’ is an innovative new blend of both Sivananda yoga and diving being pioneered in Egypt with the aim of integrating the meditative and holistic attitude of yoga with the beautiful underwater world of diving. You’ll come away calmer and PADI-certified: two for the price of one! For something less taxing, but with an exciting exploratory kick head to Spain over the summer and pair twice-daily yoga sessions with a spot of snorkelling or kayaking.
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Yoga Retreats in Valencia, Spain

Yoga Retreats in Valencia, Spain

Yoga and meditation in the magical countryside of Valencia

From €495 6 Days ex flights
Yoga holiday in Portugal

Yoga holiday in Portugal

A stunning Yoga retreat in the Portuguese mountains.

From €800 7 Days ex flights
Yoga holidays in Spain

Yoga holidays in Spain

Retreats near the sea @ lovely hotels with a touch of luxury

From £565 6 Days ex flights
Yoga and Pilates holiday in Spain

Yoga and Pilates holiday in Spain

A fab Yoga and Pilates retreat at an old Olive Farm in Spain

From £700 6 Days ex flights
Luxury fitness holidays in Spain

Luxury fitness holidays in Spain

Luxury weight loss, detox, fitness & wellness retreat Spain

From £1095 7 Days ex flights
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