Top 10 Unusual Yoga Retreats

Combine daily yoga practice with a range of activities, in extra special places designed to deepen your connection with the natural world or to simply help you relax and destress. On our top 10 unusual yoga retreats youíll be stretching out after surf lessons, meditating in the mountains and learning how to refuel the right way with healthy cooking classes. All alongside yoga classes perfect for beginners and beyond. Aaand breathe.

1. Walking & yoga, Spain

Yoga for the soul, walks for the lungs. Strap on your walking boots in between time on the mat for a retreat which perfectly balances energising hikes with restorative yoga classes. Deep breathing comes naturally in Alicante, a part of Spain reputed to have one of the healthiest climates in the world.

When to go: March and October
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2. Yoga, meditation & massage, Portugal

When just one form of relaxation and reflection isnít going to be enough, combine your yoga practise with Thai or Ayurvedic massage and meditation sessions for a truly restorative retreat. Look to the peaceful foothills of the Portugalís Serra de Estrela Mountains for silent guided morning walks in the forest, wild swimming and massage, combined with yoga for all abilities.

When to go: All year round
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3. Snowshoeing & yoga, Austria

Buck the trend for warm weather workouts and opt for a stylish winter retreat. Youíll find the silence and stillness of the snow covered Austrian Alps are the perfect accompaniment to daily yoga classes, based in a tranquil mountain chalet. Youíll have plenty of time to explore, with guided snowshoeing, cross country skiing and winter walking complementing your yoga practice.

When to go: December to April
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4. Himalayan hiking & yoga, Nepal

Combine challenging trekking with restorative yoga in Nepal. Trek in the lesser visited Helambu region, discovering Himalayan views, pine filled valleys and an insight into fascinating Buddhist traditions. Alternatively, the Annapurna Range offers more iconic, high-altitude hiking. Guided yoga based meditation and Ayurvedic spa treatments follow your trek, in mountain retreats or Kathmandu, and will help you reflect on your mountain experiences.

When to go: All year round
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5. Yoga and Berber culture, Morocco

Escape frenetic Marrakech for mindfulness in the High Atlas Mountains, where yoga retreats at a beautiful mountain Kasbah combine traditional Berber hospitality with guided hikes. Alongside daily yoga Ė inside or out Ė relax in a steamy traditional Moroccan hammam, sip sweet mint tea on the terrace, enjoy delicious tagines and other traditional Berber dishes or take a stroll into the local village.

When to go: May to November
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6. Yoga for foodies, Italy

Focussing on pranayama, correct and deep breathing, isnít difficult when your surroundings are a peaceful organic farmstay in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Often overshadowed by neighbouring Tuscany, Umbria offers some of Italyís most delectable local produce and youíll combine your daily yoga classes with hands on cooking designed to equip you with a repertoire of organic, vegetarian dishes.

When to go: May to September
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7. Learn Spanish with yoga, Spain

Stretch muscles in your body and mind on a relaxed retreat in the heart of the Picos de Europa Mountains in green, northern Spain. Or join a local yoga group in Granada, with daily Spanish lessons to help you converse across your mat. Youíll enjoy daily yoga and an intensive Spanish course, all suitable for beginners and beyond. In your free time the mountains, cafes and local markets await.

When to go: All year round
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8. Yoga & surfing, Portugal & Sri Lanka

Experience the thrill of learning to surf at some of the Algarveís most beautiful, wild Atlantic beaches while contemplating your connection with the ocean via yoga sessions for all abilities. Or take to the sea off Sri Lankaís palm-backed coastline, where surf lessons are combined with yoga on the beach and there are options for whale watching, cooking classes and snorkelling.

When to go: April to October
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9. Sailing & yoga, Croatia

There are few better ways to explore Croatiaís lovely islands than by boat, especially when this doubles as your own mobile yoga retreat. Enjoy sun salutations on deck, as the sun rises over the crystal clear Adriatic, and in between yoga practices swim and snorkel in hidden bays, explore ancient fishing villages and sup on tasty food and wine at local restaurants. Namaste.

When to go: May and August
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10. Yoga and volunteering, India

Learn yoga in its birthplace, India, and open your heart to a uniquely warm, eloquent and energetic culture by fitting your daily yoga classes around a community volunteer project. In Kerala youíll start your day with a local yoga guru, before assisting local school teachers with English classes or an adult literacy scheme. This is nourishment for the soul, as well as the body.

When to go: All year round
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Written by Sarah Faith
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