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Winter short break in Finland

First a day in Tampere with a Moomin museum visit and a husky picnic, then two full days or winter activities on frozen lake ice.  Destinations:  Tampere  used to be the centre of the textile industry in Finland. Today it is the 3rd biggest town in Finland with its 230 000 inhabitants-  It is located between two lakes, Näsijärvi and  Pyhäjärvi. Almost 1/4 of its geogaphical area is lake.  Activities in Tampere:  Moomin Museum  is a brand new, experimental arts museum for art lovers and Moomin fans of all ages. The exhibits comprise a unique collection of original Moomin art donated to Tampere Art Museum by Jansson in 1986. The collection was previously on display in Tampere Art Museum’s ... Read more >
From €2,600 excluding flights

Christmas or New Year 2019 in Lapland

Tankavaara  is the gate of the gold-mining area of Lapland in summer. In winter the trees in this area of Lapland get a heavy snow load, which makes the trees look magical in spring winter sunshine or during northern lights nighttime. This offers an excellent environment for snowshoeing.  The family-run, small hotel and their nostalgic gold miner style restaurant offer a great alternative to holiday resorts - tasty food, simple but brand new rooms (opened February and August 2019)  and very friendly service. Location 400m from the main road makes it possible to use a public bus for getting to Saariselkä or Rovaniemi so this package is idea alsol for individual travellers.  Activities ... Read more >
From €1,264 excluding flights

Finland wild food holiday

Giant mushrooms and juicy red berries may look tempting prospects when trekking in a forest in the wilds of Finland however, how do you know whether they’re safe to pick, cook and eat? This fascinating four day wild food tour in Finland gives you every opportunity to learn from local experts as you forage for the finest seasonal ingredients supplied in the most organic and natural of settings. Fishing tours, cooking lessons and the Lakomäki wilderness lodge add to the attraction of finding wild food in Finland with the three-course meal on Saturday night featuring wild food ingredients found and prepared by you. Lakomäki wilderness lodge makes for the perfect cosy setting to come home to ... Read more >
From €690 excluding flights

Finland winter holiday, tour skating

Three full days of winter activities on lake ice! You can choose your favorite vehicle - kicksledge, skies, snowshoes or skates - or change the vehicle and try them all. You will first get an introduction to tour skating and you will make a guided skating tour to the Linnansaari National Park. Lake Saimaa is one of the best tour skating destinations in Finland! In this longer holiday package you have time to move on the snowy and frozen ice not only by skating but also by kicksledging, skiing snowshoeing and snowmobiling. You will first get an introduction to multiple choice of winter sports on ice and you will make a guided skating or horse sleigh tour to the Linnansaari National ... Read more >
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Finnish Lapland to the Arctic Sea culinary holiday

This Arctic Adventure is a  3-day package taking you either from northern Finland to Tronso or from Tromso to Helsinki.  You will get hunting northern lights by snowmobiles on lake Inari, snowshoeing on Varanger peninsula and hauling kingcrabs on the Arctic Sea.  Village of Inari  is the center of Finnish Sámi people. The Sami people (or Lapps)  are indigenous people living in the northernmost areas of Finland, Norway, Sweden and Kola peninsula of Russia. In order to get a better understanding of the area,where you are traveling, we have included in this package a visit to the Sámi museum Siida. In Inari you will also see the Sámi parliament of Finland called Sajos. Varanger peninsula  is ... Read more >
From €1,294 excluding flights

Southern Finland by rail holiday

Experience the countryside and the archipelago, swim in lakes and sea, meet local people and taste local food.  Our ecological roundtrip by train takes you through the southern lake district of Finland to Vaasa archipelago, from Vaasa over the Gulf of Bothnia over to Sweden and by train south to Stockholm and from Stockholm through the most picturesque archipelago by overnight ferry to Helsinki. Destinations:  Hämeenlinna is a small town by lake Vanajavesi 1h from the airport by train. After our welcome program there, you will arrive at a hotel located on a cape surrounded by the most beautiful lake nature. Here you will have time to relax, have your own schedule and get on holiday mood. ... Read more >
From €1,736 excluding flights

Family self-drive tour in Finland

Adventure tour designed for families with children under 12 years. You will make a roundtrip in western Finland starting from Helsinki. Lakelife in Lohja, visit to the Moominworld and Kastelholm castle and an activity day in SmartPark. Last but not least two days in Helsinki. Way of transportation: rental car and ferry. You will first get to a sports resort, 40-minute drive from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. You can take a rest, enjoy lake life, sport outdoors (and indoors if the weather is not favorable) and rich breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. You will stay in a comfortable family apartment - or if you like in a hillside cabin.   Naantali is a small, idyllic town next to Turku, our ... Read more >
From €3,700 excluding flights

Northern Lights yoga holiday

Come along and pick up new experiences on an easy-going yoga tour from Inari to Rovaniemi! If we are lucky, we might also see northern lights dancing on he northern sky. Lake Inari is the third biggest lake of Finland, which is also called the sea of Lapland. After getting a short briefing on the Sámi culture at Sámi museum Siida we'll take a boat tour to the Ukko island, one of the wholy places of the indigenous Sámi people. If weather is favorable to us, we'll have a hatha yoga session outdoors. At the hotel lakeside sauna is waiting for us. In the evening we'll have dinner together at the 8th best restaurant in Finland, the Aanaar restaurant of hotel Kultahovi. Seasonal 3-course ... Read more >
From €901 excluding flights

Northern Lights short break in Lapland

Travel to the northernmost Lapland in a small group of 6-10 people from Sunday to Thursday. This tour can be reached by direct flights from London Gatwick (Sun 8:30-14.00 and back on Thursday 7:00-8:40). Experience all the winter activities from snowshoeing and snowmobiling to ice-fishing and sledge-dog safaris. Enjoy Lappish delicacies and hunt for northern lights. Northern lights are dancing on the sky in this area on 3 out of 5 nights. However, you can only see them on a clear night, when clouds are not covering them. Aurora hunting means finding open spots, where the sky is clear.  The experience is magical. Please note that there is however no guarantee you will see northern lights ... Read more >
From €1,503 excluding flights

Lapland photography holiday, Autumn colours

Full spectrum of colors day and night! Nature is told to dress in autumn colors 10th Sept at 10am in the north. Northern lights are often seen in the nights. Get to the most pictoresque locations Lapland can offer and end up observing and photographing wildlife in Kuhmo. All this guided by landscape photographer Valentino Valkaj. You hotel is located close to the Lemmenjoki National Park by a beautiful lake Menesjärvi. It is an old Sámi village school. As the distances were long, the students had to live at the school. It has been renovated and changed to a hotel. The location is great for northern lights photography as there is no light around and the lake gives a beautiful background. ... Read more >
From €1,945 excluding flights

Helsinki and Rovaniemi Christmas holiday with Santa

Looking to do something a little different for Christmas this year? A family holiday in Finnish Lapland will enchant you. Begin in the capital, Helsinki, when the city is at its prettiest, as you tour the Christmas market in search of traditional delicacies and handicrafts made by local artisans: the perfect stocking fillers. Enjoy a sightseeing tour of Helsinki, including a yummy confectionery factory, before you head further north to Lapland, aboard a night train with connected family cabins: this is a wonderful experience in itself. You’ll arrive in Kemijarvi in time for breakfast, then the group will split into two, with the first moving on to the Joosula guesthouse, and the other to ... Read more >
From €2,103 excluding flights

Lapland holiday, husky safari & log cottage

This short Finnish Lapland holiday takes you into another world, staying in a wilderness cabin on the southern shores of Lake Inari, far up in the North of Finland. With trips throughout the winter, you will have a chance to immerse yourself in this region which is famously good for seeing the Northern Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis. If conditions are good, you can be lucky to see the Lights on several nights of this trip as the skies up here are so pollution free your chances are high. As this area is also steeped in Sami tradition, we are able to partake in some exciting outdoor activities which are also very much tied in with this heritage, such as husky sledding, ... Read more >
From €1,907 excluding flights

Lake District of Finland and Helsinki family holiday by train

A lot of water activities suitable for families with children. Time schedule, which gives a chance to enjoy life by the lakeside - to swim and play outdoors. Transportation in a comfortable and ecological way by train, which all have family cabins. Your tour starts by train from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. 1. destination: Mäntyharju Mäntyharju  is a very small town surrounded by beautiful nature. There are two reasons to stop there, the Art Centre Salmela as well as the Repovesi National Park. You will stay in a charming bed & breakfast. Activities: Bicycles (with carriage for the smallest ones) included for the whole family in order to make short tours in the neighborhood, get to the ... Read more >
From €3,560 excluding flights

Mountain biking holiday, Finnish Lapland

Guided 4-day mountain biking tour! The terrain of Kaldoaivi wilderness area is versatile with hard ascents, easier highlands and the river valley of Teno. Parts of the routes are challenging therefore very good physical condition and mountain biking experience is required. Kaldoaivi is the largest wilderness area in Finland. The landscape of this roadless, fell area varies surprisingly from deep, steep river valleys to gentle fell slopes. The roadless area continues onto the Norwegian side. When cycling here you will be at least 25km from the closest settlement without constant mobile phone coverage. Our tours take place from August-September, when the conditions are best for mountain ... Read more >
From €1,000 excluding flights

Finland self drive holiday, National Parks

National Park tour takes you to the lake district of Finland. To be able to make this tour in 9 days, you do need to book a rental car. Finland is a country of thousands of lakes. Our largest lake is called lake Saimaa with hundreds of islands and islets. Everywhere you go, there is a lake and you will have a chance to have sauna and swim in natural, sweet water every evening after Helsinki. Please note that all the kayaking can be replaced by guided hiking tours. Destinations: 1. Helsinki Sea is the best part of Helsinki. You will live by the sea, get on the sea first by kayaks, then by ferry to visit Suomenlinna fortress, which is an Unesco World Heritage site. You will see the city ... Read more >
From €1,310 excluding flights

Family Northern Lights break

The northern part of Lapland belongs to the auroral zone. The northern lights dance on sky even on three out of four nights but for seeing them you also need to have a clear sky and dark night. The best time of the day is plus minus 2 hours from the midnight. Polar night takes place from the first week of December to the second week of January. The coldest month is January. After that the days are getting longer fast and the sun shines more and more warming the days and daytime activities. We recommend families with children to arrive either in the early season from mid-November to December and again from mid-February to mid-April. Log cabins: all the cabins are serviced and located more ... Read more >
From €1,328 excluding flights

Northern Lights short break, Finnish Lapland

This Northern Lights short break holiday takes place in Finnish Lapland, during the months when the stunning sights of the Lights, otherwise known as the Aurora Borealis, are most likely to appear. This natural phenomenon is most likely to happen between September-October and then again between February-March. When the Lights appear in these stunning snow covered landscapes of northern Finland, and when the conditions are clear, you may be lucky enough to see them up to three out of four nights on this trip. Lake Inari, where we are based at a hotel on its south eastern shores, proffers the perfect frozen landscape to reflect the world’s greatest lightshow when it appears. It is also an ... Read more >
From €1,204 excluding flights

Helsinki city break, winter sports & gastronomy

This tailor made Helsinki city break is a wonderful combination for people who want to enjoy the culture and life and soul of Finland’s vibrant capital city, but also experience the nearby natural environs either during summer or winter. In the capital itself, we can arrange tours to see its Art Nouveau architecture, for which the city is famous, as well as museums and galleries. We also invite you to take a culinary tour of the city. We can also recommend cultural events such as concerts, opera or sports depending on your desired time of travel. We offer various options for your time outside the city on this short break too, depending on your interests and also the seaso. You can opt for ... Read more >
From €634 excluding flights

Northern Lights activity break in Finland, Arctic Hills

December to April is without question the best time to visit Finnish Lapland. The landscapes are at their most pristinely beautiful, there is an enviable range of activities to try, from husky sledding across fields of snow to swimming in a frozen river, and of course during the spring you have an excellent chance of witnessing the Northern Lights, one of nature’s most spectacular events. This unforgettable trip begins in the village of Inari, cultural heartland of the indigenous Sami people that herd reindeer in Finland’s most northerly reaches. As an introduction to the area and its cultural heritage you’ll visit the Siida Museum here, and take a look at the Sami parliament ... Read more >
From €1,349 excluding flights
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