Siberian Tiger & Amur Leopard tours in Russia

Track tigers in snow-covered Siberia accompanied by the senior guide of Durminskoye Reserve and armed with specialist camera equipment and a nose for adventure.
Durminskoye Reserve track Siberian tigers accompany anti-poaching patrols Sikhote-Alin mountains specialist photography equipment expert big cat zoologist escort traditional Siberian saunas potential sightings: raccoon dogs, long-tailed gorals, sables, lynx, wolves, roe deer and sea eagles
£2995 excluding flights
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10 Days
Tailor made
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meals, accommodation, activities, camera trap images & videos, transfers, zoologist & Russian guides; excl.
international flights.
Price depends on your party size.
Please contact us for a quote specific to your party size and requirements.
Save £200 when booking on our unique Siberian tiger tracking tour which is due to run in February 2022. This is our most popular tiger safari and one which will showcase one of the least visited & wonderfully pristine tours of the Russian Far East.
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Description of Siberian Tiger & Amur Leopard tours in Russia

This Siberian tiger safari holiday itinerary has been carefully crafted with expert naturalist guides to give you access to one of the world’s most elusive creatures: the Siberian tiger. Also known as the Amur tiger. Over a period of two weeks you will be able to adventure through Russia’s renowned wildlife reserves, Durminskoye, Sikhote Alyn and Lazovsky as well as the recently established Zov Tigra National Park, also known as The Call of the Tiger National Park. All of which are habitats for the Siberian tiger which is, thankfully, seeing an increase in population numbers here. In total there about 400 in these Russian tiger terrains and, on this holiday, we will take expeditions out to track them by day and night. For night time ones we have the use of special night vision equipment.

This wildlife holiday is not just restricted to seeing tigers of course, with these vast wildernesses also home to wild dogs, Asian black bear, elk, Siberian deer, wolves, Siberian weasels and, if you are very lucky, the elusive Amur leopard. Making this one of the most unique and awe inspiring tiger safari holidays in the world. Although still the most highly rare cats in the world, we have created travel itineraries aimed at giving you as good a chance as possible to see these both the tigers and the leopards, through tracking and expert local knowledge. As well as making a vital contribution to ongoing conservation work towards protecting them. It is these conservationists, and our longstanding partnerships with them, that have enabled us to enter the realm of the Siberian tiger and Amur leopard and bring our guests with us. So let us know how many of you want to travel, what your budget is, and we shall endeavour to create the best itinerary possible on a tailor made basis, so that you can share this superb wildlife experience with us.

You will be accompanied on the tiger safaris by an expert local zoologist and also an English speaking driver guide. The former is an international expert in big cats, having spent years studying their biology and behaviour in many countries. We have a team of local expert trackers as well and also translators on hand at all times. The team’s knowledge will be backed up by the use of an extensive library available during the trip.

What is included in the price
Treks and tracking expeditions, expert naturalist guides, local driver, all meals, camping equipment, chefs, permits, entrance fees, private vehicle, all transfers and use of equipment such as infrared cameras and night vision gadgets. Accommodation is also included, of course, and we have selected cabins that are close to the tiger habitats, as well as campsites located inside the reserves and park.

Best time to go on a Siberian tiger safari
For tracking purposes, late winter is a good time (February is excellent), because not only are tracks more visible in the snow, but also tigers are more prone to wander further out of their usual terrain in search of food. However when it comes to general wildlife watching, summer is also wonderful and so we can organise trips during all seasons. The sample itinerary below is based on summer months. And it goes without saying, really, that this is Siberia, so be prepared for extremely cold conditions in winter. We will send detailed trip notes after booking highlighting exactly what you need.

Fitness Level
You will need to have a reasonable level of fitness, with about four hours of walking (sometimes on snowshoes) on days that we go tracking, although this is unlikely to be every day. You will also need to be able to cope with extremely cold weather. The minimum age for this trip is eighteen.

Price information

£2995 excluding flights
Convert currency:
meals, accommodation, activities, camera trap images & videos, transfers, zoologist & Russian guides; excl.
international flights.
Price depends on your party size.
Please contact us for a quote specific to your party size and requirements.
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Departure information

This trip can be tailor made throughout the year to suit your requirements

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Holiday information

Our top tip:
Cold weather kit will need to be comfortable, with waterproofs, boots and gloves as desirable as binoculars and extra camera memory cards.
Trip type:
Tailor made. Min age 18.
Activity level:
Moderate. Walk up to 4 hours per day in winter conditions.
1 night 3-star hotel, 12 nights log cabins within the nature reserve.
Accommodation, transfers, entrance fees and permits, pro camera equipment and English speaking guides.
All meals included.
Solo travellers welcome. Single room supplements available.
Dietary requirements:
We can cater for vegetarian and vegan diets.


3 Reviews of Siberian Tiger & Amur Leopard tours in Russia

4.5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed on 28 Feb 2020 by

One of the absolute best trips I have ever taken. Far East Russia was beautiful, welcoming, and amazing. Royle Safaris chose top notch local companies to work with. Everyone on the trip was treated so well. They truly went above and beyond to ensure we felt welcome, safe, and satisfied with our experiences. Read full review

Reviewed on 06 Mar 2020 by

The most memorable part of the trip was the visit to the Udege people. Read full review

Reviewed on 03 Jan 2017 by

The most memorable moments were the dramatic and different landscape, environment food hospitality of the Russian far east... Read full review

Responsible Travel

As the pioneers of responsible tourism, we've screened this (and every) holiday so that you can travel knowing it will help support the places and people that you visit, and the planet. Read how below.


In Russia our main impact on the environment is acting as a deterrent for poaching and illegal logging. The poachers and loggers stay away from the tiger tracking areas as they do not want to get caught, the number of loggers and poachers has also seen a decrease since the rangers and researchers have established the camera trap projects in the area. With the increase in tourism we hope that the local people who would otherwise take to poaching or logging for a quick pay day will start to see the long term financial benefits of having the forest and the big cats alive and thriving. This is the basic model used throughout areas where poaching and deforestation has occurred elsewhere and we have no reason to believe that if this tour takes off the same principals would not apply.

We also have a non-profit organisation which helps to reforest areas of the Russian Far East as well as education local schools about living sustainably with the forests and wildlife within it.

Wildlife Promise:
In Russia our tour is based at a research station where camera trap studies are on going to try and gauge the population size of the tigers here and of course by staying here you are directly funding the on going study into this incredibly elusive cat.

We also keep a record of all the tigers and other rare wildlife we see on each tour and record the environmental factors. This data is used by ourselves but also given to the researchers who work out of each of the National Parks, as well as multi-national organisations like Panthera and the World Conservation Society. All the information collected in invaluable as the knowledge of the dwindling population of tigers is under such a threat. We also donate our pictures to the researchers to aid in their photo identification studies.


In Russia the local community benefits mostly by tourists coming in and using their facilities and generating extra revenue. Just by visiting the area the local people gain an understanding of the international importance of this part of the world and the big cats that occupy it. This is increasing the number of local people pursuing conservation as a career. These national parks receive very few international tourists and everyone visiting with us will be contributing to the local people’s income as we employ local cooks and guides for our stays inside the park. We also actively encourage the purchase of locally produced sustainable products, this helps add a revenue for local communities and also promotes the continued use of traditional techniques to produce products.

We also donate to the Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, as well as helping to reintroduce wildlife into the park and surrounded wilderness the centre also conducts community projects and initiatives that help to promote sustainable use of the wilderness as well as helping to integrate the local people into the eco-tourism that comes here. As the Russian government is looking to reduce active anti-poaching patrols in far eastern Russia it is very important that eco-tourism increases here and the money used from this tourism will help to fund more patrols and these will be made up of locally trained people. Providing jobs and incomes which are directly dependent on the continued survival of the wildlife and ecosystem here.

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