Top 10 treks in Nepal

Nepal is known less for its walks and more for its treks. But although Everest Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit are all well and good (spectacular, in fact), have you ever considered Pikey Peak for the best sunrise over Mount Everest? Seeing the striped coffee hills of the Sailung Valley? Exploring the temple towns of Kathmandu Valley with the family? Read on to find out our top 10 walks in Nepal.

1. Everest Base Camp

Few treks are as wreathed in mountain myth as Everest Base Camp. At 5,362m, the site is just over halfway up the tallest mountain in the world. Consider the legendary climbers who have snuck some Zs here before you (Tenzing Norgay, Sir Edmund Hillary, Junko Tabei…) before venturing to the summit. The best treks last around 15 days, leaving plenty of time for acclimatisation and gawping at the mind-bendingly tall Mahalangur Himal range.

Best time to go: Either side of monsoon, so February to May or late September to November
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2. Annapurna Circuit

The Annapurna Circuit takes on northwest Nepal. Over three weeks, you’ll hike the subtropical lower Marsyangdi Valley, Tibetan Plateau, Kali Gandaki Gorge (the deepest in the world) and through riverside villages like Pisang. The people are as varied as the landscapes. Hindu settlements gradually transform into Buddhist villages and monasteries fluttering with prayer flags. Teahouses are the places to stay – a real window into Himalayan hospitality.

Best time to go: Anytime, although try to avoid the June and September monsoon
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3. Three High Passes

The Three High Passes trek takes its name from Renjo La, Cho La and Kongma La, each of them over 5,000m, making this one of the most challenging treks in Nepal and a different beast altogether to the regular Everest base Camp route. Beginning and ending in Lukla, your route takes in Namche Bazaar, life at Base Camp, the iconic views from Kala Patthar and finally the beautiful Gokyo Lakes.

Best time to go: March to April, and October to November
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4. Gokyo Lakes

The Gokyo Lakes are a picture of peace less than 20km way from busy Everest Base Camp. You’ll edge past a trio of chalky turquoise lakes that lie beside Gokyo village; watch out for the ruddy Brahminy ducks paddling the bracing waters. Stay in a lakeside lodge and go to the Ngozumpa Glacier, where you’re surrounded by the giants of the world – mountains that reach over 8,000m, including Mount Everest and Makalu.

Best time to go: September to December; February to June – outside of monsoon season.
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5. Annapurna Sanctuary

The Annapurna Sanctuary is a different beast to the Circuit. This 4,130-metre-high plateau is completely circled by twice-as-high mountains that form the Annapurna Himal, one of the highest mountain ranges in the world. This is the arena for some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets you’ll ever see. The climb up is pretty extraordinary, too, especially when rhododendrons fire up the forests.

Best time to go: Autumn and spring. Early May to catch rhododendrons in bloom
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6. Family-friendly walks

There’s no reason why adventurous teens can’t join you walking in Nepal. You’ll experience chaotic Kathmandu and gleaming Buddhist temples together, plus the Nepalese have a habit of instantly opening their hearts (and homes) to kids. Even Base Camp is doable (after all – as you can tell any dawdlers – Jordan Romero reached the peak aged 13). Chitwan National Park is a rewarding finish, home to endangered rhinos, tigers and crocs.

The best time to go: You’re probably limited to the school holidays, but luckily that fits in well with the preferred autumn and spring trekking windows.
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7. Kathmandu Valley

Thanks to the lower elevations, Kathmandu Valley is a little more lived-in than higher regions. Nepal’s capital city busies itself here, yaks clatter on the slopes, and UNESCO-listed Buddhist and Hindu monuments glitter across the sacred valley. You’ll notice scars from the 2015 earthquake: felled villages and hillsides shorn by landslides. The guesthouse owners and tour guides are slowly but surely rebuilding – another reason to lend your support here.

Best time to go: Autumn and spring
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8. Everest region

You don’t have to scale Everest to see its awesome beauty. The Everest region provides easier walks for those content to peer up at the 8,850m-high mountain from the forested valleys and wildflower-laden meadows below. Camp along the Dudh Kosi River and stay in Namche Bazaar, at the heart of Sherpa culture. The Imja Khola Valley is one of the highest points (up to 5,156m), and buffered on all sides by some of the world’s tallest mountains.

Best time to go: Autumn and spring
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9. Manaslu Circuit

You probably haven’t heard of this Circuit – which is a good thing. While other trekkers tackle Base Camp and the Annapurna Circuit, you can explore the backcountry around Mount Manaslu (8,163m). Walks ease you from the pine forests and Hindu and Buddhist villages of the foothills, up to the massive glaciers that cork the valleys. Walks occasionally dip into the Annapurna Circuit, where you can swap stories with other trekkers.

Best time to go: October and November for clear skies and autumnal hues
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10. Pikey Peak

Pikey Peak (4,065m) is a walk of many talents. One: it reveals some of the best sunrises and sunsets in Nepal. Two: its views of massive Mount Everest are nigh unbeatable. Three: it’s one of Nepal’s shortest treks (from three days; stretch it to seven to wring the most out of the views). Four: it’s one of the easiest, spending time winding through rhododendron forests and orchid valleys. And finally: it’s, bizarrely, one of the least popular. What are you waiting for?

Best time to go: See Sherpa cleansing rituals at the sacred lakes in August. It’s clearer (and drier) at the end of the year, however.
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Photo credits: [Page banner: Olga Danylenko] [1. Everest Base Camp: Christopher Michel] [4. Gokyo Lakes: Peellden] [7. Kathmandu Valley: Uwe Gille] [10. Pikey Peak: Charles Ng]