Croatia multi activity holidays
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Croatia stretches south along the Adriatic, eking out every available scrap of space until finally bottlenecking in Dubrovnik. This is where cruise liners congregate and spit out passengers for overcrowded afternoons on the beach or walking the walls. Our multi activity holidays take you inland to the national parks of Plitvice Lakes, Krka River and the forested canyons of Paklenica; they take you offshore to lesser-visited islands like Lopud, Sipan and Vis; they make the most of the rapids along the Zrmanja, Krupa and Cetina rivers, as well as quieter beaches along the Split Riviera – 230km northwest of Dubrovnik – where you’re spoiled for choice but not cramped for style.
Elaphiti Islands

1. Elaphiti Islands

Sipan Island sees few crowds and is just an hour’s ferry ride from Dubrovnik. It’s got loads of cycling routes and coves for sea kayaking and SUP, as well as beaches close to our holiday company's base in Luka Sipanska. You can hike past olive groves and vineyards, and over hillsides as well as taking a short ferry hop to neighbouring Lopud and Kolocep for more of the same with even fewer tourists.
Plitvice Lakes National Park

2. Plitvice Lakes National Park

There are 16 lakes in Plitvice, and almost 100 waterfalls, as well as ample opportunities for multi activity holidaymakers to canoe through canyons, cycle to stalactite-filled caves and SUP and kayak down the Mreznica River. Stay in the tiny village of Licko Lesce and you’ll sleep to the chirp of crickets and wake up to mountain tea, fresh bread, cold cuts, cheeses, homemade jams and pickles.

3. Podstrana

Considering its proximity to Split (20 minutes by bus) and its 6km sand-and-pebble coastline, picturesque Podstrana is surprisingly quiet. This makes the town a great base for swimming, snorkelling and sea kayaking, and also offers easy access to the Dalmatia hinterland for white water rafting and tubing down the Cetina River or slipping and sliding in Gubavica Waterfall’s natural plunge pools.
Velebit Nature Park

4. Velebit Nature Park

White water rafting, canoeing and kayaking on Zrmanja River have long been a draw for visitors to Velebit Nature Park; and there are still plenty of uncrowded rapids, swim spots and plunge pools to enjoy, even in the summer. The increase in tourism has also led to once isolated communities being given access to roads and footpaths, as well as opportunities to turn farmhouses into guesthouses.

5. Vis

Shhh, Vis is the furthest inhabited island from Croatia’s mainland and, boy, does it show. No busy beaches, no tourist restaurants and no banging nightclubs. All you’ll get are blissful bays, chilled-out coves and secret sandy spots that can only be reached by boat or sea kayak. From rock climbing and island hopping to sailing, snorkelling and scuba diving – after a week of Vis you won’t want to leave.
Zadar Archipelago

6. Zadar Archipelago

The islands of Dugi Otok and Molat, just offshore from Zadar, still feature fruit orchards, vineyards and fishing villages that haven’t been swept up by the tide of mass tourism. Sea kayaking or SUPing around cool sea coves and tiny slips of sand is like a secret mission, whilst hiking and cycling trails on land bring you out at hilltop chapels and picnic points overlooking the Adriatic.
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Written by Chris Owen
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