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Tibet cultural tours

Tibet, the roof of the world, is a unique attraction for visitors opened to tourism in 1985. Witness excellent views of the world's highest mountains, journey on the world's highest Peak, meet nomadic Tibetan pilgrims and walk amidst the burning butter lamps and chanting monks of Tibet's ancient and legendary Buddhist monasteries. With the chance to experience the life styles of the Tibetan people, mountain views, monasteries, summer and winter palaces of Dalai Lama, caves and views of rocky meadows, Tibet really is an adventurer's paradise. The best time to visit Tibet is Apr to Oct. Read more >
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Himalayan tours to Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal

This two week Himalayan tour incorporates the very best of the region's landscapes and cultural diversity with the snow-capped peaks of Nepal just as enticing as remote mountain monasteries and the fascinating local customs that you'll find in Bhutan and Tibet. The unique art and architecture that's featured throughout this Himalayan holiday is often just as significant to local people as religion and royalty with visits to decorative palaces and places of worship adding to the intoxicating whirlwind of sightseeing in Kathmandu, Lhasa and Pokhara. From the rituals of Mahayana Buddhism to the lesser-known cultural traditions of Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, Himalayan tours give you the chance ... Read more >
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Bhutan holidays, cultural tours

Neatly nestled between the Tibetan mountains and Indian foothills, Bhutan holidays and cultural tours take you on a journey to where stunning landscapes meet spiritual fulfilment. This 11 day Bhutan holiday and cultural tour provides a unique opportunity for travellers to explore in Southeast Asia without the all too typical tourist crowds and backpacker comforts where precariously placed monasteries and ancient temples further evoke experiences into the unknown. Buddhism, Himalayan trails, and remote rural communities untouched by western ways; if youíre looking for a life changing experience, this Bhutan holiday and cultural tour really does pull out all the stops. Read more >
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Gokyo Everest trek in Nepal

The highest mountain on earth needs no introduction however the lake district and valley communities of Gokyo in Sagarmatha National Park is an area around Everest thatís definitely worth getting better acquainted with on an eighteen day trekking holiday in Nepal. From the drama of the Himalayas to cultural insight amongst traditional stone-built houses set on the shores of the lakes, a Gokyo Everest trek places this area of Nepal firmly on the map and itís easy to see why this is one of the regionís best-loved locations for trekking. Just west of Everest Base Camp the Gokyo Valley extends across sublime alpine pastures to provide trekkers with wonderfully reflective images of ... Read more >
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Himalayan cultural tour, Bhutan and Nepal

Set between Tibet to the north and India to the south, the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan has unlocked its doors to travellers to provide a unique glimpse at life in the mountains where Buddhism, happiness and harmony with nature form the bedrock of a nation's cultural enlightenment. From precariously placed mountain monasteries to agricultural landscapes stretching for as far as the eye can see this Himalayan cultural tour encapsulates the essence of Bhutan and Nepal with a short flight from Kathmandu making short shrift of distances between highlights. Guided sightseeing tours, daily drives and a two hour uphill trek to Taktsang Monastery (well worth the leg work) allow this cultural tour ... Read more >
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Chitwan safari & rafting in Nepal

Enjoy diverse culture, exhilarating rafting and a wildlife safari. This is one of the most interesting tours in Nepal. It offers variety of diversity culture, exhilarating river rafting and wildlife safari in Royal Chitwan National Park which is one of the famous parks in Asia. Our hiking tour through a beautiful trail is a remarkable experience. The artistically built Hindu Temple and shrines, Buddhist monasteries, resting places, intricate water conduits and canal systems, fabulous palace complexes, delicately engraved stone, terracotta and metal images, meticulously carved wooden columns and pillars are the main attraction for visitors. Nepal has prime land for the conservation of ... Read more >
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Gosaikunda Helembhu Valley trek in Nepal

This trek provides excellent views of snow-capped mountains, 108 holy lakes with diverse ethnic culture and picturesque Helambu valley. This is a unique chance to explore the sights and sounds of this area of Nepal. See plants including Rhododendron, wildflowers such as sky blue gentians and orchids, see exotic birds like cuckoos, owls, nightjars, barbets, hoopoe, yellow-billed magpies and black-capped sibias and mammals including langurs and furry pikas. This is a very famous holy lake for the Hindus and the Buddhists. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit the lake every year during the full moon festival in August. According to the Hindu mythology, when the God churned the primordial ocean ... Read more >
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Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho Lake trekking holiday

This is one of the most beautiful region in terms of bio-diversity due to unique its geographical position, hospitality of inhabitant people and ethnic culture. It provides excellent views of Annapurna massif. Tilicho Lake presents dramatic spectacular views of waters reflect the surrounding snowy peaks. It is situated in the foot of the extensive glacier system of the Great Barrier, the highest point of Tilicho Peak. A unique chance to explore amazing views of exotic birds such as white capped river chat, brown dipper, white-breasted kingfisher, butterfly, barking deer, rhododendron forest & orchid flowers. The trek begins through a unique low land of Marshyandi valley and reaches ... Read more >
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Nepal trek with Chitwan National Park safari

This is one of the most beautiful Kathmandu valley treks in Nepal. This provides visitors an opportunity to explore the rich Nepalese cultural tradition, flora and fauna, typical life styles of villagers, beautiful landscapes, excellent views of ancient cities and incredible views of snowy mountains. Visit major ancient and historical cities in Nepal with their maze of alleys, ancient and medieval pagodas, numerous shrines and temples depicting ancient culture - a remarkable experience. Royal Chitwan National Park, one of the Asia's best national parks, is well known for prolofic wildlife. Here you can experience an elephant back safari for viewing wild animals in the natural habitat. Read more >
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Island Peak trekking holiday in Nepal

Island Peak (6160 meters) was first ascended in 1953 by a very prestigious team including Tenzing Norgay Sherpa in preparation for the ascent of Mount Everest. Eric Shipton's party named the peak in 1953, as it resembled an island in a sea of ice. The peak is part of the south ridge of Lhotse and linked to the semicircle of cliffs that rise to the north of the summit of Nuptse. It provides the opportunity to experience a climbing course in Island Peak. Our aim is not only to make you summit the top but also to ensure that you are capable to climb others peaks, as instructed by our experienced instructor and technical team. This course is suitable for the complete novice or as a great ... Read more >
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Mount Kailash trekking holiday in Tibet

On the trek of Mt. Kailash, you have a great opportunity to explore the amazing views of the Himalayan ranges, Tibetan culture and their lifestyles. See the wonderful landscape, beautiful views of Manasarover and Rakshas lakes which represent the force of light and darkness respectively. Manasarover lake is smooth, bright and associated with goodness while Rakshas lake is dark and often weirdly stormy as an unpredictable contrast to the areaís purity. Most of the Buddhist and Hindu devotees including western people are willing to make the circuit of holy Mt. Kailash to add another element to their good karma. It is believed that single Parikarma erases the accumulated sins of a lifetime, ... Read more >
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Trek & volunteer in Nepal, help rebuild it

Most of the houses, schools, Temples and Monuments were destroyed in Nepal by the 7.9 magnitude massive earthquakes on April 25th, 2015 (12.01.2072) at 11.56 am, and 6.9 magnitude earthquake on May 12th, 2015 (29 .02.2072) at 12. 55 PM. No one was exempt from suffering; over 8000 people were killed and more than 23000 people injured, approximately 450,000 houses collapsed, 300,000 houses cracked and over 5000 schools were destroyed. At this moment in Nepal, our company has formed a Rescue Team and reached the Kakithok village situated in the northern part of Kathmandu, about 9km from the main city of Kathmandu where over 45 houses were fully destroyed and over 300 hundred people were ... Read more >
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Annapurna Sanctuary trek & Chitwan safari

Annapurna is situated in the north of central Nepal, and is one of the most popular trekking destinations in this mountainous country. We trek through delightful villages, rhododendron forest and rice terraces to glaciers, providing outstanding high range Himalayan views, as well as amazing sightings of exotic birds and nature, such as white capped river chat, brown dipper, white-breasted kingfisher, butterfly, barking deer, rhododendron forest & orchid flowers! This trip then takes in a jungle safari at the famous Chitwan National Park. Read more >
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Annapurna trekking holiday in Nepal

Annapurna Panaoramic trek, this is one of the most popular region for adventure enthusiasts. It gives the incredible views of silvery mountains including Annpurna South Gangapurna Himal, Machapuchare mountain (Fish tail mountain), Dhaulagri mountain, Tukuche Peak and Nilgri Himal, en-routre, an attractive landscape, wonderful views of calm river and beautiful sunrise views over the Himalayan ranges provide the great perception to the visitors . An exotic and traditional villages and hospitality of local people and their traditional living styles attract to visitors each and every years. Read more >
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Everest base camp trek

This is one of the most popular trekking regions in Nepal. The region has not only the highest mountain in the world, but has rich cultural heritage & picturesque natural scenery. Three of the world's highest peaks dominate the skyline; discover Nepal's culture and people amid the world's most stunning views of the Himalayas. This is a great chance to see the exotic birds such as golden eagle, snow pigeons, Tibetan snow cocks and crimson-horned pheasant. Musk deer and Himalayan Thar are another attraction. Read more >
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Annapurna trekking holiday, Rhododendron trek

This 12 day Annapurna trekking holiday, rhododendron trek, is one of the regionís best loved short trails featuring a combination of cultural diversity, local villages and, of course, breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains that tower at well over 20,000ft. From the Annapurna peaks to Machhapuchare, Himchuli, Tukuche and Nilgri Himal, this Annapurna trekking holiday, takes you past some of the regionís most iconic natural images where forests of rhododendrons reign supreme within the valleys leading to the tiny town of Nayapul. Wildlife, including kingfishers, deer and butterflies, make the most of magnolias, orchids and flowering rhododendrons to offer a cornucopia of colour ... Read more >
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Mustang trekking holiday in the Himalaya

Mustang is one of the recently opened areas for limited numbers of trekking groups each year. It was a former Buddhist Kingdom and is extended to the upper Kali Gandaki river. The fabled medieval walled city of Lo Mangthang is full of culture & religious heritage. There are the Gelung and Nyingma Monasteries in Mustang, where former Tibetan Buddhism was practised. Lama Nygorchen Kunga Sangpo introduced the Shakya Buddhism tradition. Today this Shakya tradition is followed in Mustang. Price includes all meals and camping gear during the trek, National Park conservation fees, royalty of Upper Mustang, trained and well experienced trekking guide, cook, helpers, Sherpa, porters and ... Read more >
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Nepal charity trek and yoga holiday

Helambu is one of the most delightful trekking regions, situated about 75km north of Kathmandu. It provides a unique chance to experience Sherpa culture, language and dress up which are very different from those of the Solu Khumbu Sherpa. The number of visitors is attracted with picturesque valley each and every year from the different part of the world. Prior to start trek, it has an opportunity to share the moment with lovely children at Kalidevi High School, situated about 12km north of Kathmandu, the children of low income people are studying. YOG comes from the Sanskrit words which mean "To JOIN". Through of Yoga has an image of postures (Asans) to develop flexibility, general ... Read more >
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Nepal holiday, encompassed

Our holiday provides the experience of ancient cities, viewing of wild animals through Jeep safari, trekking on exotic highland path overlooking stunning views of Himalayan ranges, beautiful landscape and the back drop of Machapuchhare Himal (Fishtail mountains) on crystal blue Fewa Lake. Also it gives a golden chance to observe the Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Gatum Buddha and beautiful Gorkha Durbar, the ancient home of Shah dynasty. Read more >
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