Our Sweden holidays

Nature is fundamental to our Sweden holidays – a country where the right to freely roam the land is enshrined into law. Here, you can explore the wilderness with Sami guides in the far north, sleep in forest cabins while searching for wolves and moose with expert wildlife trackers, kayak remote archipelagos and camp wherever you feel, and walk or cycle through the countryside around Stockholm. Nature-conscious guides ensure that your trip leaves no trace. Sweden, however, will leave its mark on you, with ample opportunities to explore the culture too as you stay among welcoming communities.

Our top Sweden holidays

Sweden activity holiday, Stockholm countryside

From SKr10795 to SKr11145
7 days ex flights
Multi-activity tour in Stockholm's picturesque countryside
Small group2024: 19 May, 26 May, 31 May, 7 Jun, 14 Jun, 21 Jun, 28 Jun, 5 Jul, 9 Jul, 16 Jul, 23 Jul, 30 Jul, 6 Aug, 9 Aug, 16 Aug, 23 Aug, 30 Aug, 8 Sep, 15 Sep, 22 Sep

Sweden kayaking short break

From €1070
5 days ex flights
Solo travellers! Explore the Swedish Archipelago by kayak.
Small group2024: 19 Jun, 26 Jun, 3 Jul, 17 Jul, 31 Jul, 7 Aug, 14 Aug, 21 Aug, 28 Aug, 18 Sep

Sweden kayaking and camping holiday

From €750 to €915
6 days ex flights
Kayaking and wild camping among thousands of islands, Sweden
Travel Team
If you'd like to chat about Sweden or need help finding a holiday to suit you we're very happy to help.

Stockholm Archipelago walking tour in Sweden

From SKr9950
7 days ex flights
Self-guided walking through Stockholm's stunning archipelago
Small group2024: 22 Jun, 23 Jun, 29 Jun, 30 Jun, 6 Jul, 7 Jul, 13 Jul, 14 Jul, 20 Jul, 21 Jul, 27 Jul, 28 Jul, 3 Aug, 4 Aug, 10 Aug, 11 Aug

Women only kayaking holiday in Sweden

From €1030
5 days ex flights
All ladies kayaking journey full of know-how and inspiration
Small group2024: 18 Aug

Stockholm archipelago walking holiday

From SKr9485
7 days ex flights
Spring & autumn hike in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago
Small group2024: 16 May, 23 May, 30 May, 6 Jun, 13 Jun, 22 Aug, 29 Aug, 5 Sep, 12 Sep

Sweden self guided cycling holiday

From SKr8780 to SKr9380
6 days ex flights
Self-guided cycling in Stockholm's picturesque countryside
Small group2024: 21 May, 28 May, 4 Jun, 11 Jun, 17 Jun, 25 Jun, 2 Jul, 6 Jul, 13 Jul, 20 Jul, 27 Jul, 3 Aug, 6 Aug, 13 Aug, 20 Aug, 27 Aug, 3 Sep, 10 Sep, 17 Sep

Kayaking in Sweden, foraging and food

From €1360
4 days ex flights
Culinary Adventure in the Swedish Wilderness
Small group2024: 16 Jun, 8 Sep

Stockholm hiking holiday

From SKr6300 to SKr8260
6 days ex flights
Hiking adventure with base in beautiful Stockholm city
Tailor made

About our Sweden holidays

Sweden holidays, adventure

The call of the wild is practically irresistible in Sweden. Adventure holidays here can involve listening to wolves howl in the forest beyond your lakeside cabin, or snowmobile safaris out to the middle of nowhere in search of the Northern Lights. And for avid paddlers the kayaking in Sweden is superb. There are easy-going routes around the Stockholm archipelago, but for the really intrepid, the Saint Anna archipelago is one of the finest sea kayaking destinations in Europe. Expert guides lead you out into the wilds, foraging for ingredients to accompany campfire meals on deserted islands.

Sweden holidays, wildlife

If you have a passion for seeing wildlife up close and personal, you don’t need to travel far in Sweden before you’re surrounded by it. Wildlife holidays in Sweden here might find you photographing reindeer and moose in snowy landscapes, or watching silently as beavers industriously work on their dams. You could spy sunbathing seals on kayaking expeditions, and track wolves and even elusive lynx through silent forests, accompanied by expert guides. Best of all, your holiday will often contribute to the conservation of these creatures and the habitats they depend on.

Sweden holidays, winter activity

Most winter holidays in Sweden see you heading to the far north, into Swedish Lapland, where tree boughs groan under the weight of snow, and a range of activities awaits. Any given day might find you coasting along magical forest trails on snowmobiles, learning how to use a set of snowshoes, or travelling to a remote Sami community to learn about their lives. And of course, Swedish Lapland is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights. These holidays are fantastic for families, with husky sledding a major highlight of any trip.

Sweden holidays, families

Family holidays in Sweden work on every level. English is widely spoken, it’s never crowded even in peak summer season, and kids are welcomed everywhere. Keeping them entertained throughout is an absolute breeze too. There are multi activity holidays involving cycling, hiking and kayaking, wilderness escapes where they can learn how to identify animal tracks and calls, and magical Christmassy experiences in Swedish Lapland. And once they get a taste for Swedish meatballs you’ll never have trouble persuading them to spend an afternoon at IKEA again.

Sweden holidays, cycling

Most cycling holidays in Sweden follow easy-going, largely flat routes that are ideal for families wanting to go at their own pace. For families in particular, these self guided trips are a great option, with detailed route notes provided and daily rides that allow plenty of time to stop for picnics and swims. You could be riding over bridges between islands in the beautiful Stockholm archipelago just beyond the capital, or a little further south into the countryside around Sörmland. Wherever you are, expect warm welcomes at locally owned accommodations every afternoon, and sublime scenery throughout.

Types of tours & holidays in Sweden

Sweden might have been designed expressly for adventure holidays. Here you can kayak, forage and wild camp around remote archipelagos, learn bush craft skills with the kids, and mush huskies through snowy forests. Winter holidays in Swedish Lapland offer opportunities to watch the Northern Lights, and to spend a night sleeping in the Icehotel. And there are wildlife holidays galore, given that just a few hours’ drive from Stockholm you can track beaver and moose and listen to wolves howl as you toast marshmallows around the campfire.

Where to go in Sweden

Most holidays in Sweden get underway in Stockholm, notable for being built across 14 islands. The culture here is fizzing, with over 70 museums and galleries to explore, including the famous Skansen, the world’s oldest open-air museum. Nature-lovers can explore the vast Ecopark on foot or by cycling, kayak around the Stockholm archipelago, or travel south to pretty Sörmland. Memorable winter holidays can be enjoyed in Swedish Lapland in the far north, with the Northern Lights regularly making an appearance. Here you can tour reindeer farms, learn how to steer a husky-drawn sled, and roam frosty forests in snowshoes.
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