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Since 2008 Planet Conservation is operating in a variety of Central and South American destinations offering tourism for conservation, field study courses, volunteer programs and responsible travel itineraries for individuals, families or groups.
Our main office is located in Costa Rica and our local teams welcome travellers, who would like to experience the diversity, culture and nature of the Mesoamerican region and those who would like to participate as integrated members of the organization in any chosen project or cultural activity focussing conservation, sustainability, research and other environmental initiatives.
Member since: 30 Mar 2017

How the minimum criteria of the responsible travel standard was met...

Economic responsibility

All our employees are locals and count with assurance and social security. Our operations benefit as well the local economy by involving home-stay programs and the support of local services, such as tours, activities, providers, transportation, etc.

We are investing in environmental and educational programs – that s guaranteed. We work with youth groups around the country in environmental education programs and seek to feed their lack of environmental knowledge and confidence to be able as a single person to make a difference. This way we are confident to build up the new generation of conservationists. 
 Furthermore we do community work through beach cleaning, installation of recycling centres and sea turtle conservation program on the Osa Peninsula. Furthermore we support other organizations within the country to help them to continue their work. Please find more information on our project website:

Environmental responsibility

Our organization counts with a written agreement with SINAC organization who is responsible for the management of all National Parks in Costa Rica. Furthermore we support local entities in planning and communities by implementing school gardens, tree hatcheries, recycling centres; we also organize and participate regularly in beach cleaning activities and conservation and reforestation campaigns, we support local committees to work in Sea Turtle conservation programs as well as animal rescue and liberation programs. With our Environmental KidsClub we already visited the local rescue centre as well as the ARA project, worldwide the only project that liberated successfully the critically endangered Great Green Macaw in the Southern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica.

Social responsibility

All our tours a selected carefully. We promote visiting cultural events such as the “Devils Dance” which takes place in an Indigenous community close by. There we also participate on a regular basis with groups in traditional handicraft workshops, include cultural presentations, furthermore we offer local cooking and dance lessons, building up social and environmental programs in a variety of communities which can be included during visit but will definitely benefit from every tour. We also take security very seriously and are initiator and active member of the community security team.

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