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Greek Islands Cycling tour, Cyclades

Imagine Island hopping, arriving at a new destination each day and discovering each island by bike. On this very special trip you will get to explore the islands in a completely unique way and create memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll discover the beauty of The Cyclades day by day, port by port, and even if you don’t want to cycle you are welcome to just enjoy the sights and sounds of the passing scenery. We embark from the port of Lavrio, just outside Athens, to our adventure amongst the islands of the Aegean Sea: The Cyclades. You will get to cycle amazing roads on the islands of Kea, Kythnos, Syros, Paros and Serifos. Participating in a self-guided biking tour is one of the ...Read more >
From €890 excluding flights

Peloponnese guided tour in Greece

This small group tour is combining archaeological sites, museums and all cultural must visit places of Peloponnese in 8 memorable days. The highlights of this tour are the ancient Epidaurus and Mycenae, the wine tasting, the cave & the unforgettable picturesque beaches & villages.Read more >
From €890 excluding flights

Hiking in Peloponnese holiday, Parnon Mountain

Parnon Trail is a new hiking trail that crosses by the mountain Parnon in central Peloponnese, in the mythical Arcadia. Along this route you will have the chance to visit archaeological sites that are important for the history of this area (Ancient Tegea), local winery with excellent variety of wines and mainly local Moschofilero variety, visit 8 villages of the area, cross by the cedar forest that has been declared a UNESCO Monument of Nature, visit and swim in the springs and in a cluster of waterfall not known to the general public and eventually swim in the Argolic gulf at the picturesque village of Paralio Astros. You will mostly have the chance to get in touch with the inhabitants of ...Read more >
From €595 excluding flights

Archaeology holiday in Greece

If you’ve always been fascinated by the past and are curious about archaeology tours, Greece is without question the first, and probably the last, country that you need to head to. The birthplace of science, democracy and many of the arts which we know and love today, Greece archaeology tours pull back the curtain of time to unveil 3,500 years of historic relevance with Athens, Delphi, Olympia and the Peloponnese region all renowned for their importance to the past. Further sites, including the theatre at Epidaurus, Mycenae, Nafplio, Sparta, ancient Tegea, and the monasteries of Loussios Gorge, are all equally significant on archaeological tours Greece and lead travellers on an immersive ...Read more >
From €1,380 excluding flights

Rhodes family activity holiday in Greece

If you’re looking to spend some quality time with the family in a picturesque location, then prepare to be sorely tempted by Rhodes. This fantastic family holiday is packed with exciting activities that can be tailored to your own preferences. Begin with a sailing lesson from a friendly boat captain, departing from the dock. Between practising your knots, learning how to take down a sail and steering the boat you’ll hop between sandy beaches perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Day three you’ll be left to your own devices. Head to the beach, or indulge in a wide array of optional activities here including windsurfing, hiking, mountain biking, or choose a day trip. Rhodes is blessed with ...Read more >
From €1,250 excluding flights

5 day Archaeology tour in Greece

Take a step back to history and unveil a fascinating world that bloomed 3500 years ago! Become witness of archaeological treasures and ancient miracles visiting some of the most important ancient Greek sites, including the Acropolis of Athens, Delphi the famous ancient oracle and mainly in the area of Peloponnese: ancient Olympia - the birthplace of the Olympic Games, ancient Epidaurus (with its famous theatre), Mycenae and Nafplio. One of our top priorities is to introduce you the Greek way of living and culture. Except of the great history you will get to know also the Greek lifestyle nowadays, and meet the picturesque towns of Nafplio and Galaxidi that maintain a pure way of living ...Read more >
From €730 excluding flights

Western Crete cycling holiday

If you want to explore a destination in depth, a self-guided cycling tour is a great way to do it. That’s certainly the case with this journey around Western Crete, taking you from mountain plateau to picturesque beaches, through historical Chania to Rethymno, with the option to extend the trip by adding overnights at every way station. You’ll climb into the saddle in Omalos, amid the famed ‘White Mountains’, headed for Palaiochora. An alternative option on this day is to hike through the stunning Samaria Gorge, which is one of Crete’s most popular natural attractions, and the longest in Europe. The following day, you can either cycle directly to Inachoria, or visit the spectacular beach ...Read more >
From €780 excluding flights

Tailor made holiday in Greece

This tailormade holiday in Greece explores key archaeological sites that will reveal the secrets of ancient civilizations, a must for the amateur historian that has always wanted to visit these iconic landmarks. Over nine days you’ll tour Mycenae, and the ancient amphitheatre of Epidaurus, where 14,000 spectators would once have sat, all able to hear perfectly thanks to the superb acoustics. See the beautiful seaport of Nafplio as it stretches up the hillside, and Delphi, thought by the ancient Greeks to be the centre of the world and now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’ll have the option of wandering around with a guide to bring them to life. A day is also taken for a jaunt over to ...Read more >
From €1,000 excluding flights

Archaeological Tour in Greece, 12 days

For anyone with even a passing interest in ancient history, a tour of the archaeological sites in Greece must be high on the bucket list. From the Acropolis of Athens, with its magnificent Parthenon temple, to the vast amphitheatre of Epidaurus to Delphi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the entire country and especially the Peloponnese, is dotted with well-preserved and fascinating ruins. Begin in Tripoli, with visits included to the Corinth Canal of Isthmus, a masterpiece of engineering, and the spectacular rock formations of the Kapsia Cave, as well as some refreshing wine-tasting. Continue, via the monasteries of the Lousios Gorge and an interesting open-air museum dedicated to the ...Read more >
From €1,650 excluding flights

Greece archaeology and activity holiday

This eight day archaeology holiday in Greece allows travellers to step back some 3500 years in order to trace the origins of modern times at some of the country’s and the world’s most important archaeological sites. As an activity tour you’ll find yourself cycling and hiking through flower-filled meadows and across rugged gorges as well as enjoying wine tasting sessions and learning how to cook traditional Greek dishes in between visiting the Acropolis, Sparta and the ancient ruins of Epidaurus and Olympia. From the Corinth Canal to Mycenae, Nafplio and the temple of Alea Athena, this archaeology holiday in Greece is as much about history and culture as it is about enjoying activities ...Read more >
From €1,380 excluding flights

Peloponnese family activity holiday in Greece

This week long family activity holiday in Greece is a small group tour on the Peloponnese Peninsula, a firm favourite for family adventures. With a wonderful combination of both ancient history and landscapes that invite wonderful experiences in nature, we have designed a trip that has delighted families over the years. Your accommodation is in luxury apartments with plenty of room and facilities to cater for all family needs. We will spend most nights in Tripoli, but with a couple of nights in Nafplio too, so that we can really take time to enjoy the beach life there. Activities on this trip include many different watersports from wind suring to sea biking, as well as gorge walking, ...Read more >
From €860 excluding flights

Laconia cycling holiday in Greece

This week long cycling holiday in Greece is focused on SE region of the Peloponnese peninsula, known as Laconia. After a quick transfer from Athens, you will head to Sparta, which is the heritage hub of the region, famous for its ancient archaeology and military history. You have a day to explore on foot before we get you fitted for your bikes on day two. From here you will head west to Mystras, with wonderful medieval ruins and Byzantine beauty, cycling on through fruit and olive groves en route to Gythio, a beautiful traditional fishing town further south. For the next few days you will be cycling from one beautiful beach to another, travelling further south on the most perfect ...Read more >
From €435 excluding flights

Eastern Crete cycling tour, Greece

Beginning in the charming capital, Heraklion, you’ll embark on a Greek odyssey through ancient archaeological sites including Phaistos and Knossos, which is considered to be the oldest city in Europe. Every day brings new opportunities to dine in rustic taverns, dip in the sea, or detour from suggested routes in order to follow your own instincts of discovery. It’s also possible to add in extra days at various points in the itinerary. Ride through picturesque mountain villages, learn about the history of olive oil production on Crete, and swim off golden sandy beaches. Explore the lovely town of Agios Nikolaos, sip raki with the locals, and sample an exquisite range of traditional Greek ...Read more >
From €795 excluding flights

Messinia cycling holiday in Greece

Messinia, in the southwest part of the Peloponnese, is rightly considered one of the most beautiful areas of Greece. This eight day cycling tour takes you through some simply bewitching landscapes as you take the coastal route from Kalamata to Kalo Nero. Maps, 24-hour support and luggage transfers are all included to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible. From Kalamata you’ll cycle to Petalidi, a scenic seaside village, pausing whenever you want for a swim, a sunbathe or a drink in a local taverna. Petalidi serves as your base for the following day, when you’ll ride out into the mountains in search of the extravagantly beautiful Polylimnio, and the chance to swim beneath a ...Read more >
From €440 excluding flights

Sailing and cycling Cyclades holiday, Greece

This eight-day, self guided cycling and sailing holiday in the Cyclades is the perfect antidote to those that feel Greece has gotten too busy, or that they’ve seen all there is to see. It allows for a more immersive form of travel in local culture and environment, while at the same time creating strong bonds with your fellow travellers in a small group – each boat has only eight berths. Over the course of a week, departing from Lavrio, your route will take you to six of the more than 200 Cyclades islands: Kea, Syros, Paros, Sifnos, Kthynos and Serifos, always moving yet at a blissfully unhurried pace. Each day’s cycling covers around 30km, though on several islands there is the option to ...Read more >
From €1,500 excluding flights

Greece self drive holiday, Peloponnese beaches

If you've never been fortunate enough to experience a Peloponnese beach before then this is where you put things right on a 12 day fly drive Greece holiday that's packed full of sun, sea and, you've guessed it, Peloponnese beaches. Of course, the chance to explore inland and along the coastline of the Peloponnese is also not to be missed which is why Greece fly drive holidays are a fantastic idea for those who like to combine beach time with cultural excursions to archaeological sites, medieval castles and local wine estates. All of the accommodation featured within this self drive Peloponnese beach tour has been hand-picked to represent the very best of the natural area with sea views ...Read more >
From €830 excluding flights

Multi activity holiday in Greece

Some people seek out Greece holidays where all they have to do is crash on the beach, and others want to explore through adventure, activity and outdoor fun in the sun. And also in nature. This week long holiday in the Peloponnese ticks all of these boxes, offering an itinerary with a wide array of activities in the most stunning surroundings, both mountainous and coastal. This activity holiday is suitable for all types of travellers, whether you are solo, a couple, a group of friends or seeking the perfect Greece family holiday (minimum age for most activities is seven). Our itinerary revolves around the beautiful Peloponnese areas of Nafplio, Kalamata and Tripoli, each boasting a vast ...Read more >
From €860 excluding flights

Greece cycling holiday, archaeology tour

Beginning in Vytina, one of the most renowned resorts in all of Greece, this Peloponnese self-guided cycling tour takes you across a series of legendary archaeological sites including Mycenae, Epidaurus and the ancient city of Eva with its recently renovated Herodes Atticus mansion. Comprehensive maps, 24-hour-support and convenient luggage transfers between hotels are included, to ensure that your trip runs smoothly, and you can relax and enjoy the ride. The distances you’ll travel each day are very forgiving, making this tour suitable for any fitness level, and there will be plenty of opportunities to pause, whether for a dip in the sea, a drink in a rustic fishing village, or a ...Read more >
From €435 excluding flights