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Photo credits: [Fake snow: Guttorm FlatabÝ] [Northern Sri Lanka: Vilmos Vincze] [Eagle hunting: Altaihunters] [Antarctic with Packham: Paul Goldstein/Exodus Travels] [Who is responsible for overtourism: DDohler] [Top 10 holidays to get away from the World Cup: Pug Girl] [Whaling in Iceland: Jean Bazard] [Maisy Q&A: Garry Knight] [US citizens in Cuba: vxla] [Overtourism in Iceland: Luigi Mengato] [Small group myths: LassenNPS] [Travelling after a natural disaster: DFID - UK Department for International Development] [Responsible travel guide: Ammit Jack] [Voodoo markets: Dominik Schwarz] [England's wildlife: Peter Trimming] [Waste not want not: The Real Junk Food Project, Brighton] [Rainbow flag: torbakhopper] [The real cause of over tourism: fdecomite] [Zoos: Sheng Wen Lo] [Cuba: Nick Kendrick] [Reindeer: Destination RÝros] [Dog sledding: Alaskan Husky Tours] [Burkini: Giorgio Montersino] [Relationship with strangers: DVIVSHUB] [Lion cubs: karelnoppe]
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